Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Countdown to Christmas Celebrating its Tenth Anniversary

Ten years of posting this Countdown to Christmas. It is a labor of love I completely enjoy! Hello to my audience that have followed me all these years, and welcome to those just discovering me and my world. 

Outfit details, all thrifted with the exception of the BCBGirls heels and leopard cashmere socks.
Max Studio black knit skirt, Jennifer Moore plaid knitted by hand sweater,
sunglasses, black leather gloves, and Santa hat. 
A less exuberant pose with a Zipper photobomb.

Country Christmas Madame Alexander leads off this year's countdown. She was a $5 flea market purchase that joined my personal collection of MA dolls. 

Her plaid woven background is one of the types of fabric that I am collecting for another plaid remnant quilt. Link to Minimalist-plaid-quilt

Other Madam Alexanders appeared in online auctions, but did not come home with me. 
Christmas Carol


I will highlight a Recipe of the Day from the mid-1850s Antique American Cookbooks Home Cookery Ladies' Indispensable Companion:

Governor Strong's Loaf Cake

Four pounds of flour, two of butter, two and three quarters of sugar, three pounds of currants, 27 eggs, one pine of wine, one glass of brandy, spice to taste. Three hours will bake it. 

Countdown posts will also highlight Christmas Trivia from 'Tis the Season cards. The ornaments and cards were recent thrift shop finds. 
The cat ornament is a mate to another ornament I found at thrift 10 years ago. 

Christmas trivia: What Christmas carol will you hear most often at Christmas? White Christmas.

Each year I rescue Christmas CDs from thrift and sell the majority of them. If there is a YouTube video on the artist, I will highlight that. First day - 
What I am listening to:

Links to past year's First Day Countdowns listed below:


A few images from the 1976 BHG Treasures from Throwaways publication will appear.
Images from my Countdown over the past 10 years will be highlighted throughout. Come along for the ride, there is a post each day including Christmas. 

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