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Happy Thanksgiving

If you have followed my blog for awhile, you know my two loves are thrifting and quilting.  Not sure of the author of this, but it is worth a repost.   There are 5 stages of the thrift store sickness DENIAL that you'd ever buy something so stupid. ANGER that you didn't buy it. BARGAINING about going back to the store to buy it like you should have when you saw it. DEPRESSION that somebody bought it by the time you got home. ACCEPTANCE that you're just going to buy it next time and you're not going to be able to explain buying any of this stuff to 'normal' people. Your kids will give all your treasured finds away when you're dead anyway. Then, we'll buy it. I am having the best time with a FB group that centers on thrift. A recent question posted was "Who else finds the craziest outfit possible and wears it around as they shop?"  My response: Now you are just encouraging bad behavior and I'm in! Another res

Blue green block and thrift shop switcheroos

Using a packet of satin purchased thrift and choosing the block Patchwork Crazy from a Better Homes and Gardens publication Grandma's Best Full-Size Quilt Blocks  (pieces of the past for today's quilter). November's prompt for the 2018 Monthly Color Challenge is blue/green. Having been drawn to these shiny fabrics, this is now my newest, favoriteist project.   Blue/Green block and Mural at Porch Restaurant Sacramento, California Update to this post - with a 3 day weekend but the environment full of smoke from the California fires, it was stay in and quilt.  Party in the front Business in the back This piece is destined for my cubicle wall at work. The backing is a piece I have kept for awhile, waiting for the perfect project. I also had the binding precut from the last quilt I did matchstick style.  Got to mention a mistake I made, when ironing it I had the setting too high and burned one of the satin pieces. With much cursing and seam ripping, I replaced

Caught me painting with fabric again

Composition in fabric I was so glad Alida   decided to host the Art with Fabric blog hop again. She describes it as: Every quilted project is a unique piece of art, full of love, creativity and inspiration. Have you ever thought about how "traditional" art could be reinterpreted in a quilted piece? (by "traditional" I mean anything that a non-quilter will label as art, like paintings, drawings, sculptures, architecture from all countries and all time periods). To explore the endless possibilities of art-inspired quilted pieces I decided to organize another edition of this Blog Hop! This edition has a special theme... My favorite color is... This theme will feature each artist's favorite color, or just the color they are favoring at the moment! My technique is to choose a 1950s abstract artist to loosely base my piecework. This piece focused on the 1954 Composition oil on canvas by Greta Freist.  First, I intende

Magnificent Magnolias

Craft kit love A fun morning thrifting produced some new to me clothes, a magnolias needlepoint kit (retail $34, thrift $5), and Tattoo Johnny designs. When I got the t-shirt, I thought, "that will be cute with the coral red jeans," but when I saw the graphic of guns and the phrase "cowgirl hardware," it went back to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond . The topic of guns is a touchy subject in America.   My latest jewelry obsession on my "must have" list is a coral squash blossom necklace.  I've got my post queued up for the Art with Fabric blog hop beginning November 5th. I've started setting up the shells to my Countdown to Christmas posts. Christmas merch is starting to appear in greater amounts at thrift.  In the meantime, you can visit one of the blogs I highlight on my sidebar,  that lists a group of improv quilters and their latest creations.