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More Americana and the contents of the mystery box

Sometimes I shop at a certain online thrift retailer. For some odd reason, I just had to have mystery box of fabric/sewing items from the other side of the continent - New York. Got this lovely for $20 but the shipping costs were $68! Say what? I got caught up in the bidding (I know that never happens to anyone else). But after I unpacked the box, I realized I had more than enough value for my money, beginning with one of my favorites - sewing ephemera. The bottom of this image is the inside of the Army and Navy Needle Book. I did see some of what I bought at the online auction, like the fabric. The fabric was encased in a king-sized bedding plastic carrier with a variety of colors, some fat quarters still in original packaging and the selvages dated 2009.  I would estimate at least $150 worth of fabric. A pair of vintage Wiss fabric scissors ( love them! worth $25-$30 ), a package of buttons still on their placards, paints and some beads. Another bag of sewing go

The April Alternative Challenge

I am going to do this!  Host an April challenge at SIGNUPS WILL BEGIN IN MARCH 2017.  Date to be announced. Join me in this weekly challenge - suggestions for posts, choose a letter to highlight during that week. WEEK 1:  April 2-8 - any topic, any letter beginning with A through G WEEK 2:  April 9-15 - any topic, any letter beginning with H through N WEEK 3:  April 16-22 - any topic, any letter beginning with O through U WEEK 4:  April 23-28 - any topic, any letter beginning with V through Free Pass.  Link up, just once, but there are rules, (sheesh) here comes the legalese part. I, as the one and only moderator, reserve the right to remove any and all links that include the following: Adult Content Advertising of any kind More than one link to the participant's account(s) Other random and arbitrary rules I decide at the last minute. Pretty please keep it Family Friendly and post the 4 times during AAC. The main poi

A bucket list furniture find and the pre-basting update

I had always wanted a rocking chair but not a huge one with arm rests, now I can check this item off of my thrift shop bucket list. I usually pass up furniture and I nearly passed on this chair but when it qualified with that, the lot of violin music, two quilt books and a couple of My Little Ponies for less than $25, I bit. There is some damage to the bottom slats but I think they are fixable. From the label on the seat, it looks like this chair originally hails from Oklahoma. I grab all violin sheet music for when I retire and will have the time to play and perform again. When I did buy music from a retail store, I remember how expensive it was then. I was delighted to find my new-to-me rocking chair fits perfectly with my small scale sewing machine setup. Eventually, I will reupholster the chair pad.   As promised, the pre-basting update: I am beginning to think this is a wise choice. I would get so frustrated by puckered backings and crawling around on the floor tryi

Is pre-basting a necessary evil

Vintage Fabric Quilt has now become a Vintage Four Patch because there is now more current fabric in the quilt than vintage. With this explosion of color, I plan on doing a grey and white print binding. This Riley Blake Designs Happy Flappers jelly roll purchased retail had all the right colors but nearly all the wrong moves as the cutesy owls are facing the wrong direction for my purposes. I had entertained the idea of doing a piano key border but my patriotic quilt is calling to me. I bought enough fabric to use either one as border, backing or both. The binding is already prepared from the remnants of mystery quilter. I have decided to pre-baste this Vintage Four Patch. I watched a couple of YouTube tutorials and used the materials I had on hand,  pieces of lumber long enough to roll up the quilt top and backing, and a table long enough to unroll the quilt as I hand baste it. Supposedly, with this method, you won't get the puckers on the backing and you can start qui

Putting together the preassembled

On Superbowl Sunday weekend I had the good fortune of stumbling onto a mystery bag of fabric at the thrift shop that contained all of the precut and partially sewn fabric for a patriotic quilt. At first I thought I had a completed binding but when it turned out to be 70+ inches for a fabric strip quilt, I quickly went to work. My daughter helped me measure the strips while we sort of watched/listened to the football game. The strips for the borders and binding were also precut. The Mr. really likes this flimsy, it does seem to be more masculine than feminine. What is nice it is outside of what I would normally pick in fabric - colorful, floral and girly.  I had never had so much fun putting a quilt top together, more than half the work had already been done. I can see why quilters buy kits. One of the ladies here at work is expecting a baby - that gives me an excuse to do another crib quilt. I might try a different pattern this time. I already know I am going to use the Tigger st

Monster High love and the mystery quilter

This is my first thrifted find of a Monster High doll ($2) and I am absolutely in love with her! She has streaked hair, one blue eye and one green eye and Frankensteinian-healed incisions on her face, throat and limbs. Her arms and legs are fully articulated and her dress is cutting edge. Her previous owner added sloppily painted fingernails. Sharp-eyed doll lovers might find it ironic that she is sitting atop a Madame Alexander box, but her greenish-tinge skin tone matched the MA blue box perfectly! One of the thrift shops I frequent is next to a semi-wooded area and I spotted some mini daffodils, probably smelled them first - they are so fragrant. I rescued the handful from the rain that had drenched them into the ground. Luck would have it the thrift shop also had a daffodil vase with daffodil etchings. It was included my $8 Tami thrifting total. My hyacinth are blooming. Behind them are broken pieces of white and blue thrifted plate. Salt shaker sleeping cat poses on fabric