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American Art and the Sewing Pattern Sessions

Happy Memorial Day weekend! A shout out to all who have served.  The 300+ sewing patterns I have listed on eBay have now been edited to absorb the $$ I made on shipping and shifted to the pattern price. They were listed as Parcel Post and changed to First Class Mail. The 50 more awaiting listing will all be at the higher price. The days of vintage patterns at rock bottom prices are over.  Not only that! On my return from my weeklong vacation, I hit up my local county route of 4 thrift shops and what did I find? A sewing pattern resellers dream, vintage patterns at 29 cents a piece. My favorite time periods with those from the 1960s and 1970s.  While I do sell the majority of what I find, there are those that are forever keepers. I fall in love with the graphics. Perhaps one day I will sell them. This 1971 Simplicity pattern was the look when I was a teenager.  Very excited about my next art history class - American Art! An 8 week session that doesn't start until the middle of Octo

Mary Mary and the Mallard

Quite Contrary! There I said it. Mary Mary in her original box was a $4 yard sale find. With that permanently startled look, how could I resist her? How does your garden grow?  I haven't picked up a Madam Alexander doll in quite awhile. I have about 7 of them now, all but one thrift shop finds.  I also found a cashmere *sings the word* lavender long-sleeved sweater - $1! All sorts of new stuff to wear when I am visiting mom next week.  Finally getting some well-deserved time off, a week in May and then another week at the end of June.  Best recent CD find, this 1982 Wolftracks by John Kay & Steppenwolf. Added to my wooden duck decoy collection, this one a Mallard, a $5.99 thrift shop find. I have decided to change all of my sewing pattern listings on eBay from Parcel Post to First Class Mail and then raise the prices. There has been so much b****ing and moaning about the shipping price, I will just adjust so the profit is realized in the price.  Greenhouse update - here is ho

Friday in the Middle of May

My remote work station continues to evolve. I replaced the bulky tapestry with a curtain panel made of the zoomy purple print fabric backed by corduroy fabric. A $2 thrift shop find. It is the exact length from curtain rod to floor that I needed.  While the California State Fair has been put on hold, the Amador County Fair will be going forward. I have never entered my crafts at the county level, and it is high time that I do! In light of my desire to enter a quilt in the fair, I cancelled my summer session art history class. There is no way I can complete an entry and another 8-week class prior to the July 9th deadline. I am even considering entering my plum jam into competition.  Reseller's update: A crocheted blanket finally sold, if only for a few dollars profit. I nearly pulled it from the listings. I have one left to list but it is a black-bordered granny square one with colorful centers, with those being more popular it should move quickly.  I discounted my listed CDs to hal

Happy Post Mother's Day from Mystery Quilter

I'm glad I pushed myself to visit a couple of smaller thrifts, one in Jackson, California, that consistently produces fabric and craft-related gems. This $12 wrapped bundle included 29 completed blocks, a partially completed block with instructions, and at least 4 yards of the beige fabric. This will project will push all the others, I am tempted to sew all the blocks together without borders or sashing. The colorway matches my living room decor.  Is it any wonder I can give away so much fabric when I buy it at $1 a pound?  Fabric cube 1 Fabric cube 1 contents And a sewing pattern to boot! I kept about 1/3 of it and thrifted the rest back.  Fabric cube 2 Fabric cube 2 contents I am back to collecting plaid wovens. I still want to do a Storm at Sea patterned quilt in those fabrics.  An internet local downage gave me the chance to scan in 45 sewing patterns for listing. That makes a big dent in my death pile. After I get those babies up for sale, it will put me beyond the 1,000 total

Another PBN has entered my life

It has been over two, and perhaps three, years since I have found a completed Paint by Number at thrift. This seascape was $4.99, and I snabbed a frame at $3.49, not quite the right size but the right color. The poor picture was in an awful frame, with masking tape used as the matte/border, and some staining on the inside of the plastic frame (which luckily didn't translate to the painting).  I took a strip of batik fabric and taped it to the cardboard backing.  I cleaned the glass and then removed its original hanging wire and replaced it with a new hanging wire with hardware.  Picture was taken at an angle to avoid the glass reflection.  I have three of them now which include a landscape, and a duo of cocker spaniels.  The PBN was found at a hospice thrift and the frame at Goodwill. My route included 6 thrift shops. During pandemic, I was spending around $100 a week (it was cray, cray) but now it has slowed down. My total spent for visiting all 6 was approx. $25.  I had some don

Wrapped in Fabric and it is May Day!

My system of wrapping the majority of my eBay orders in protective fabric for mailing is starting to pay off. One entire tub of fabric has been emptied. I still have an entire bolt of hunting-themed fabric that will experience cuttage probably later this year.  I also mail men's orders in men fabric and women's orders in women fabric. How does one determine that? Well, the usual pre-identity raising ways such as blue = boy, pink = girl, floral, flouncy - girl; stripey, polka-dottey - boy. There are some gender neutral fabrics like scrolls, sconces, and paisleys. It is all very scientific and based on my own made-up order of things.  Moving on to a bit about quilting, as I have moved through the different stages, my tastes and what I like to do with quilting have changed.  QUILTING STAGES Stage 1:     Buying, organizing, sorting, color coordinating fabric (everyone likes this stage).  Stage 2:     Planning the blocks and quilt layout (major fun too).      This is Stage 2 of the