Another PBN has entered my life

It has been over two, and perhaps three, years since I have found a completed Paint by Number at thrift. This seascape was $4.99, and I snabbed a frame at $3.49, not quite the right size but the right color. The poor picture was in an awful frame, with masking tape used as the matte/border, and some staining on the inside of the plastic frame (which luckily didn't translate to the painting). 

I took a strip of batik fabric and taped it to the cardboard backing. 

I cleaned the glass and then removed its original hanging wire and replaced it with a new hanging wire with hardware. 

Picture was taken at an angle to avoid the glass reflection. 

I have three of them now which include a landscape, and a duo of cocker spaniels. 

The PBN was found at a hospice thrift and the frame at Goodwill. My route included 6 thrift shops. During pandemic, I was spending around $100 a week (it was cray, cray) but now it has slowed down. My total spent for visiting all 6 was approx. $25. 

I had some donations and at hospice thrift it was the first time I had seen limitations, they were not accepting books, pictures in frames, and vacuums. 

Having a lull between modules on my college coursework, I was able to put up some more listings on eBay of books and sewing patterns. I especially have to concentrate on the books, with some hidden under the remote office work space bed. 

Fun Find of the Day, 3 Francisco fine china Ballet pattern dessert plates priced just for me at $1.99 each. 

I am not saving these or selling them, they are going to be put into everyday use at home.


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