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Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Hug" Day 30 of the 30 day photo challenge and month-long topic of "Bridges"

Hug - good lawd, I'm gonna need one.  I've committed to a July writing challenge, 31 days to build a better blog, hosted by Yeah Write.  I flip-flop between the photography and writing challenges, esp. in the summer.

Tigger and Pooh
Photo Challenge Submission

On to the month-long photo challenge hosted by P.J. at hoohaablog.

This month’s theme is: Bridges.
Bridges differ so much throughout the world, so I hope there will be a lot of cool shots this year. OR, maybe you’ll look at this theme in a total different way?

Bridge #1.  This might be a freeway underpass or overpass.  I'm calling it a bridge and sticking with it.

Bridge #2.  Footbridge - not so pretty but functional.

Bridge #3.  Bridge over the Noyo Harbor in Fort Bragg, California.

Bridge #4 - Traveling over the Yolo Bypass, the rice fields stretch out below.

Bridge #5 - Neglected bridge over the one lane road that is no longer in use, just off Jackson Highway where fire raged through earlier in the month.  

Please give a looksee at the other participant's posts ~

Saturday, June 29, 2013

"My weekend" Day 29 topic of the 30 day photo challenge

I started the weekend off picking out new glasses.  I was at Indi Visual Eyes earlier in the week and these Prada frames had just arrived.  I fell in love.  They held the frames for me so they will be ready in a few days.  Birthday present to myself!

Here is Friday's Frock ~ "I'm not a potted plant" pose.  Linking with Spy Girl's 52-pick-me-up-complementary-colors

Old Navy yellow lace sweater
Charter Club white eyelet sleeveless collared shirt
Final Touch cotton print lined skirt
(All Thrifted)
Birkis pink and white striped sandals (retail)

It will be a hiberation indoors weekend - the weather in the Sacramento area will be over 100 degrees!

Photo Challenge Submission

Friday, June 28, 2013

"Grass" Day 28 of the 30 day photo challenge

What am I going to do with an image of grass?  I Holgaarted it.  In the boondocks where I live, no one maintains a lawn.  This lovely strip of grass was at a McDonald's drive through.  (You do whatcha gotta do.)

Photo Challenge Submission

Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Teeny-tiny" Day 27 of the 30 day photo challenge

I can't recall where I picked up this teeny-tiny figurine, but he reminds me of Mr. VZ, so he is a keeper.

I'm having Google Friend Connect withdrawal.  I was so jazzed to have over 300 followers (mainly through GFC), it feels like I am starting over.  I'm sure a lot of bloggers feel that way.  *sighs*  I guess those that really like me (shades of Sally Fields), will follow wherever I go ...

Photo Challenge Submission

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Laugh" Day 26 of the 30 day photo challenge

I went on the thrift shop hunt for a laughing doll - I think I found her ~

Photo Challenge Submission

Supposedly Google Friend Connect is going away, so I've done what the others are doing ~
Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Summertime" Day 25 of the 30 day photo challenge - and its my birthday!

The dessert I made for my birthday was nearly-ripened plums cut into small wedges, added to the Knox gelatin mix for cheesecake and poured into the pre-made graham crucker crust.

Photo Challenge Submission

Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Bokeh" Day 22 of the 30 day photo challenge

Better bokeh than never.  This is one of the smalls I added to my collection.  The striped dress is glazed ceramic no larger than one inch and on the base of the pedestal is written Marilyn Monroe.

Photo Challenge Submission

Friday, June 21, 2013

"Fresh" Day 21 (using a free pass) and Friday's Frock

I'm going to go with this image, the sorta frazzled me, the antithesis of "fresh."  This is my one freebie pass on this challenge, I don't think an image of a salad will cut it for my audience.

I so love this Sigrid Olsen print skirt, a recent thrift shop find, Basic Editions collared sleeveless shirt and Talbots lined short-sleeved sweater.  I did more than one photo shoot in different iterations with this outfit.  Sometimes you just have to throw in the towel and go with what you've got.

Ending with a roughed-up Madame Alexander, a inmate.  She looks how I feel by the end of the work week ~

Photo Challenge Submission

Thursday, June 20, 2013

"In progress" Day 20 of the 30 day photo challenge

I admit this is a second image in a series of the construction project in progress near my work.

I don't have any Pinterest projects, or sewing projects, or crafting really of any nature things in progress.  I do have on tap images I would like to scan for my AtoZ 2014 postings.

I've promised my family I will be converting all of the VHS home movies to digital format.  I guess that would be "proposed in progress ..."

Photo Challenge Submission

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Flower" Day 19 of the 30 day photo challenge

When I bought this poppy, it was in the discounted section at Lowe's for $2.  It was still in bud and I didn't even know what color it would be.  What a delight when it bloomed and revealed such a pretty shade of orange.

Photo Challenge Submission

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Hat" Day 18 of the 30 day photo challenge

This is not the hat I bought ... I ended up with a camo hat (hopefully to be featured later in the month).  I thought it was cute enough to snap the image for this photo challenge.

Photo Challenge Submission

Monday, June 17, 2013

"Clouds" Day 17 of the 30 day photo challenge

Capturing clouds in June in California is no easy feat.  When I saw these floating by one evening, I knew I had my shot.  

Photo Challenge Submission

Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Reminder" Day 16 of the 30 day photo challenge

Reminder - Day 16 topic.

I seem to have the best luck at the hospice thrift shops.  I bought this group of three hardcover books for the grand sum of $4.50.  The Western Stories book had a retail price marked at $11.95.

Photo Challenge Submission

Those following the progress of the Traveling Yellow Skirt Freak Show, Forest City Fashionista has posted her version, then on to The Fashionable Bureaucrat.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

"Bubbles" Day 15 of the 30 day photo challenge

Bubbles.  This image was a challenge in the truest sense of the word.  First, I had to locate a bottle of children's bubbles.  That was not an easy thing to do.  Having locating said bubbles, I had one day left to capture the image.  It was an incredibly windy day.  Blowing bubbles + wind = fail.  I did get my one image - bubbles it is!

Photo Challenge Submission

Friday, June 14, 2013

"From above" Day 14 of the 30 day photo challenge

This is the view from above, a balcony in Folsom.  I captured the image from Indie Salon, a place I discovered through a referral.  Their attitude is reflected in their motto "Kick A** Hair Studio" and I would have to agree.  Both my daughter and I are hair converts to this new salon.

Photo Challenge Submission

Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Empty" Day 13 of the 30 day photo challenge

Empty storefronts.  There are plenty of those in and around Sacramento.  These buildings on K Street Mall comprise an entire block of empty businesses (with exception of one cell phone store).  The city has tried and tried to revitalize this section.  Now that there will be a new stadium built, this block may finally come to life. 

Photo Challenge Submission

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Beverage" Day 11 of the 30 day photo challenge and a crooked picture post

I'll begin with the beverage I enjoyed at La Bonne Soup Cafe, satisfying my photo challenge topic of the day.

I enjoyed a fresh baked french roll with Florida blue crab and melted provolone cheese (sorry foodies, no pic of that).  But then, I saw this ~

It is a crooked picture.  I thought of Nicky at We Work for Cheese (she is much, much prettier) and her hilarious crooked picture post.  Nicky, this one's for you!

Photo Challenge Submission