Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Back to the Books and Winnowing Down the Projects

Farmer Boy's Fanny appliqued block. 
This lead-off image is an orphan block from the lot of my project shown below. The crocheted quilt in the background was from an antique shop in Clearlake, California. 

After visiting 4 thrift shops, an estate and rummage sale came through and produced books and CDs. My $10 donation to the Boy Scout rummage sale will spin into $100 profit. Back to listing the books, I will follow that with listing a few needle kits.  

I was blessed with some quality storage baskets from my mom's estate. That prompted me to cull down my quilting projects. I still have them stored in Ziploc bags and would like to find some cloth or canvas storage bags. 

In my quilt project cull, I found these antique flower quilt blocks. I bought these in a lot and sold half of them online. Four of the blocks need a green stem added to make the blocks consistent. I may not use all of them, as some have some dark spotting. I may size down those blocks, depending on the border fabric. 

Reseller update: When I first began listing sewing patterns, it was mainly vintage cut ones. Over the years, I have segued to newer uncut patterns. The patterns that do not sell are home decor (excluding anything holiday-related), and cut wedding dress ones. I de-listed at least 25 patterns from my first tub of mainly Butterick ones. 

I finally got around to listing this Disney goldfish costume. All it required was  reinforcement of the larger fin on a corner of the costume. I keep the rainbow of colors in threads and fabrics for mends and reconstructions. 


I am doubling my eBay listing efforts because I recently purchased a new 2022 Toyota truck, an Army green Tacoma sport. Love it!

Friday, September 16, 2022

It Is All About That Crochet, and the Sewing Pattern Sessions

It is all about that crochet (sung to the tune All About That Bass). My lead-off image is a cluster of crocheted flowers bought at thrift for $1.99. The crocheted slip cover to the vase was in another $2 bag I've highlighted below. 

I was able to turn my attention to the $2 bag of crochet pieces I bought in Fort Bragg. I've listed the lot of orphans for $32. I also have more sets of crochet granny squares to list, some very soft and beautiful ones. 


I am back at it - listing sewing patterns on eBay. Like a squirrel storing away food for the winter, I am in Madwoman listing mode. I have squirreled away boxes and boxes of patterns to list. It has nearly gotten out of control. 

This pattern deserves a highlight even though a patchwork cover doesn't make much sense to me. 


I couldn't resist posting this adorable slippers pattern. 


I am heading toward my goal of 2,000 total active listings. $15k in gross profit for FY 22/23 is another goal. My profit has increased by $5,000 each year. If I can list everything in my death pile by year's end, I might be able to reach my milestone goal of $20k. 

September signals that start of queueing up my Countdown to Christmas posts. I will begin composing them weekly, and if I have enough content, go to daily until Christmas. I will highlight this find again - I was delighted to find a light-up vintage Christmas tree at thrift for $3.99! It has a clunky/chunky 70s vibe to it. 

Crocheted items continue to dominate my life 😐 I spent more than what I usually would for this crocheted blanket ($18). The Mr. and I stopped at a thrift shop in Clearlake, California. They were just opening their doors and were moving big items so I could look around. It is in the keeper category - now known as the colorful Clearlake blanket.

Had a completely awful day the other day. It began by having a buck run into my already beat-up 2008 Ford Escape. I was taking the country road at a slow pace but could not avoid him. He hit the driver's side bumper, and his antlers hit the top of the hood. He went under the vehicle and then stood up from his tumble and ran off. 

The vehicle now down, I worked from home. While I was trying to reach something on a top shelf, the bucket I was standing on gave way and I twisted my ankle, spraining it. I was already upset from the accident, so that just added insult to injury. 

I am on the mend, and there looks to be a new car in my future. 

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Off and Running

The reason for the post title is that the months from September through year's end seem to fly by. These two G.I. Joe figurines are another item I collect. Found at a flea market for $1 each, they too like to hang at the marina. 

I rarely deal in clothing but this Mexican embroidered jean jacket will go up on eBay. There are other embroidery details on the sleeves - bought for $40, will be listed for at least $80. 

The Paul Bunyan thrift shop in Fort Bragg came through for me with quilt books, crocheted squares, and fabric (I don't need). 

We, like many others, are escaping the 100+ heat. We have had the good fortune of staying close to the coast where the weather is downright gorgeous. I hope you too are staying comfortable.