Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Back to the Books and Winnowing Down the Projects

Farmer Boy's Fanny appliqued block. 
This lead-off image is an orphan block from the lot of my project shown below. The crocheted quilt in the background was from an antique shop in Clearlake, California. 

After visiting 4 thrift shops, an estate and rummage sale came through and produced books and CDs. My $10 donation to the Boy Scout rummage sale will spin into $100 profit. Back to listing the books, I will follow that with listing a few needle kits.  

I was blessed with some quality storage baskets from my mom's estate. That prompted me to cull down my quilting projects. I still have them stored in Ziploc bags and would like to find some cloth or canvas storage bags. 

In my quilt project cull, I found these antique flower quilt blocks. I bought these in a lot and sold half of them online. Four of the blocks need a green stem added to make the blocks consistent. I may not use all of them, as some have some dark spotting. I may size down those blocks, depending on the border fabric. 

Reseller update: When I first began listing sewing patterns, it was mainly vintage cut ones. Over the years, I have segued to newer uncut patterns. The patterns that do not sell are home decor (excluding anything holiday-related), and cut wedding dress ones. I de-listed at least 25 patterns from my first tub of mainly Butterick ones. 

I finally got around to listing this Disney goldfish costume. All it required was  reinforcement of the larger fin on a corner of the costume. I keep the rainbow of colors in threads and fabrics for mends and reconstructions. 


I am doubling my eBay listing efforts because I recently purchased a new 2022 Toyota truck, an Army green Tacoma sport. Love it!

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