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Wedding quilt for a June bride

What a wonderful way to kick off upcoming June with a finished quilt top and backing whose final destination is for a new bride. I used up the entirety of my low volume fabric creating this twin-sized quilt.  I had grand plans of setting the four patch blocks on point but made the blocks with a 1-1/2" border and sashing and didn't like the look. I set the project aside for a couple of weeks. Then out came the seam ripper and I deconstructed what I had done. Since I want my piecework to improve, I took care to match all of the seams in the blocks. There was a lot of redoing in my quest for excellence.  I wanted to make this as big as possible with my fabric on hand. I saved all of the smaller precuts so I could make the big piano key border. This quilt used up all of my low volume and feedsack fabrics.  I will update the post after I "quilt by check," so this will be ready to be gifted in a couple of months.  Linking up with  

What can be done with a bag of remnants?

Post title sung to "What Do You Get When You Fall In Love?" I had seen this bag of remnants at thrift before but I passed on them because I had just donated a large bag of the same. Half off day this Memorial Day weekend meant the remnant bag was only $2.25, so I thought "why not?"  I knew the work involved to process this material. It had to be washed because no matter how clean the home, fabric picks of the occupant's scent.  I ironed the material while still damp and then trimmed. It turns into a tangled mess when you don't use a mesh bag. I had too much fabric to use that technique this time.  This  aqua/orange  companion fabric of different sizes and cuts can be worked into a sampler. There were a few pieces of feedsack prints and others, all keepers, no uglies.   When I first started buying fabric secondhand in bags or lots, I would separate it all by colors. Now, when I see mystery quilter had purchased a fabric collection,

Visible Monday and pre-retirement ponderings

A blogger that I haven't linked up with in a long time is Patti at . She hosts a Visible Monday where she encourages others to " Just compose a post that includes any outfit, accessory, piece of jewelry, hairstyle, cosmetic or other adornment that makes you feel more confident, alive and  visible  that day." I pronounce that my outfit centers around a piece of jewelry, a pendant necklace by Marjorie Baer. It was one of those thrift shop finds that make you exclaim out loud, "I found it!" More for your benefit than for any others. My mother also collected numerous pieces by Baer, mainly clip-on earrings. While I was growing up, I didn't really appreciate her modern sense of style. I was all into the romantic, frilly, fluffy, lacy type stuff.  While the Mr. doesn't like camo, I love it. This is a pair of way-too-big-for-me pants, perfect for being out and about on the property. My usual footwear is hiking boots ( camo ones too

Greenhouse update

All of that seedling generation the last two months meant I could finally plant them. I still have the center row and part of the back row to fill up.  The garden beds outside of the greenhouse duplicate what is inside with the exception of rhubarb, zucchini and artichoke. Those plants all tend to need lots of room.  My crafting has suffered because of my gardening and the Mr.'s insistence on housecleaning ( say what? ). I have also been stricken with some form of eczema on my hands and feet. Hoping my dermatology specialist appointment at the end of this month will shed more light on my condition.  I just discovered a blog hop highlighting Christmas projects for those who have the time and energy for that.