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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Goodbye 2020 and Resoluting Into 2021

I am participating in a bloghop hosted Quilting Gail for phd-in-2021

For the past couple of years, I have joined in with the American Patchwork and Quilting Challenge. This past year, I made two lists and sold nearly half of my projects. 

I have separated my two lists and have earmarked more projects for sale. The reality is my wrists and hands just cannot take the constant movement, especially since I am still working full time. 

Here is Project No. 1 from the Quilt list - the Basket Block Quilt
Project No. 2 - Atomic Starburst. Only problem, I found I don't like to do paper piecing. The templates are even printed out! Maybe I can motivate myself. 
Project No. 3 - Orphan blocks meet Jelly Roll. I had this one all laid out until Christmas quilt top moved to the forefront.  
See that pieced star at the top in the center? It no longer exists. I tried to piece it into a block, and well, let's just say a quilter accident happened. I destroyed it in a sewing rage.

Project No. 4 - National Park Quilt. I have the center panel and all of the companion fabric. 
Project No. 5 - Chinese Lantern Quilt. This is one where I have gathered quite a bit of Asian-inspired fabric. The four cross-stitched lanterns are going to be my anchor cornerstones. 
Project No. 6 - Red Vignettes Quilt
Project No. 7 - Dark blue/black quilt. There are quite a few finished blocks. 
Project No. 8 - I didn't realize how little I had of these companion fabrics. Black and pink fabric will be turned into curtains. I pulled this pattern from resale as a keeper.
Project No. 9 - Patriotic quilt includes completed blocks and pieces.
Project No. 10 - Mariner Quilt, a collection of fish and ocean-related prints.
Project No. 11 - a Moda Tuppence jelly roll and other pieces.
Project No. 12 - The Americana quilt, only a project image that carries over year after year.
I had accomplished more than I thought this past year. I didn't include two pink bordered star quilts I rehabilitated and sent to the longarmer. Funny, some projects you lose complete interest. Others you complete to the finish in a flurry, like this Christmas quilt top. Started and finished December 2020.

Here is the intended backing, a 20 year old poinsettia print and a current Robert Hoffman fabric to be sewn together. 

Other the obvious downsides and bad things that happened to others, the year was good to me. I received a promotion at work, I tripled my ebay sales for the year, and added two amazing pieces to my thrifted art collection. I feel blessed that my job utilizes all of my legal skills I have gained over the years. As a senior legal analyst for the state of California, I prepare prosecution memoranda against certain California health plans that may have violated the provisions of the Knox Keene Act. 

College update: I earned an A in my Modern Art history class last semester (yay!) I begin the Introduction to Art History class this spring. It will be a fast-paced 8 week class and I have to put all of my other interests aside during that time frame. 

One of the oldest publications to join my collection is this 1935 The Romance of Patchwork Quilt in America. A keeper for me that lists the original names of some quilt blocks. 
I love to see what others are creating, please visit those participating in the hop!

Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Early Riser Gets the Item

Now that the Christmas Countdown is over, I can highlight some of my delightful finds this past month. Beginning with forgotten bookmarks, I found a small cache at thrift of weapons and survival books. Contained in the Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia, pub. 1980 was this Hunter's Drawing Card. 

In the Modern Day Gunslinger, The Ultimate Handgun Training Manual by a U.S. Navy Seal, pub. 2010, there was this note. Apparently, a retired state employee, with that CalPERS link noted at the bottom. 

One of the best times to win at online auction is during the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. One Thanksgiving I won a small turquoise necklace (very happy with it). Recently, I won at auction 2 quilt tops. The diamond one has some staining so I will have to rehabilitate that one. I paid a total of $48 including shipping for the two. I could list the blue one at $25 to cover its cost. 

I started culling my non-selling ebay listings. Some of those items I had received for free so it makes no sense to continue to list them if they aren't going to sell. Those non-starters? They are craft books, crocheted items, and stuffed animals (plush).

6 of the 7 dwarfs reside in my She Shed Trailer. I found the lot at a deep-bin-diving and the Mr. asked why I didn't have them out as Christmas decorations. I guess he thought they were holiday dwarfs. The search is on for Dopey to complete the set. 
At year's end, I like to list my most viewed posts. I also do a search term report from Google Analytics. Nothing unusual came up, the top 5 search terms were ebay, tights, blog, books, and buttons. 

My Top 5 Posts for 2020 were ones from year's past. 

singer-stylist-513-score (unfortunately, I sent that machine back to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond)
Ending with a post on my pup zipper-von-zalez

Thrifting update: I found a retro cool army green sleeping bag with the following patterns. It is now bedding in the truck for Zipper. 

Reseller update: Christmas CDs have been selling like hot cakes, just like I predicted. My iphone turns back on at 5:30 a.m. and Christmas morning I got to hear the trademark "ka-ching" on an ebay sale. Thank you early riser buyer!

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I have had the entire week off from work and it has been glorious. 

What I am listening to Wham! 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Eve is Golden

Here we are at Christmas Eve featuring a golden tree.
A display at hospice thrift. 

I have got to include at least one Pattern of the Day for this Countdown. A 1967 gem!

What I am listening to Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Queen of the Christmas CD and Santa Claus

It is time to reveal why I am the Queen of the Christmas CD. I first posted about it on my top-30-christmas-cds post. 
My keeper collection with new purchases nearest the CD player for a listen. I run through them and decide whether they go into the sale or keep piles. I finally organized mine alphabetically and found more duplicates. Now, I can check whether a CD is already in my collection or not. 
My office away from office (out of the remote work bedroom) Christmas CDs awaiting listing for sale. 
I had caught up with all of the ones I wanted to sell, then I bought 50 more! I kept 5 of that 50 lot. One of those keepers was this group, the Roches. I love them! 

Which CD did I nearly hit the blue "list item" button? After listening to one minute of it, I decided this one will never hit the auction boards. It gets an A+ from me on the cover art.
Moving on to the Countdown to Christmas highlighting Santa and his different iterations. 

All of the Abandoned Santas Waiting for Adoption

Ending with some retro Christmas the Judds circa 1989. I have this CD too in my collection.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Tiered Table Tree and Turkey Killingworth

Day 22 to the Countdown to Christmas means we are nearly there!

There is my mom's handwriting that she liked this recipe. 

What I am listening to the magnificent Boyz II Men.