Monday, April 30, 2018

Zipper Von Zalez

This here's a story about a lil dog named Zipper ...

We nearly lost this dog to some unknown illness last year. It began with her puffing up like she was pregnant. Oh, that would have been easier if she had been, but she wasn't.  

It appeared she wasn't eliminating properly (course there are coarser ways of saying it). She has always been a dog that engages in "intestinal indiscretions" as the vet has termed it. She will eat anything, critter poop, salad, fruits, you name it. In the muzzle, down the hatch it goes. 

When she fell ill, we were given the option of having her undergo surgery but the outcome would have been death. Open her up, find nothing, put her down. We didn't choose that option.  

We took her to the UC Davis Vet Hospital, specialists in the field. Some $4,000 later, they couldn't determine what was wrong with her.

Side note here - the Mr. had been feeding her Old Roy, a Walmart dog food that had been in the news regarding traces of pentobarbital having been detected (used to euthanize animals). 
She doesn't eat that dog food any more. 

She was placed on prednisone and antibiotics for months. She lost nearly all of her fur. We slowly weaned her off of those medications and have been supplementing her (now expensive) food with cooked lentils, pumpkin and chicken.  

It appears she has traveled that road to recovery and seems back to being a healthy, happy German Wirehaired Pointer. 

Thrifting update: $10 for the fabric and book lot. I love having these "eye candy" books. Sometimes I get ideas, like combining vintage needlework into a quilt. 

None of the fabric is particularly pretty but all usable. My second day's thrifting produced even more fabric so admittedly, I spent another $35 on remnants, precuts and (drum roll please) a brand new rotary cutter mat for $3.50. I had cut through my old mat so the replacement was timed perfectly. 

The Art with Fabric blog hop is coming up with my post on May 24.  I've made this massive flimsy (quilt top), ignoring traditional quilting, leaving fabric raw edge. More on my process later. I am hoping my experimentation and interpretation translate well to fabric.

Thank you for joining me for this AtoZ Challenge. Until next year~

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