Thursday, April 19, 2018

Watercolor Quilt

My next project (I keep bumping my other PIGs-projects in grocery sacks and WIPs-works in progress) is Watercolor Quilt. I scored the book thrift while visiting my mom. Here is the fabric pull. The criteria for this quilt for fabric is florals, paisleys, geometrics and theme prints. 

Instructions are to cut 2" squares and then combine the values. This is the type of project where you would need to plan out the blocks. 

Since I have immersed myself into the quilting culture, I am still surprised and delighted by new methods and techniques. 

In the first image, you can see the flimsy I've begun for the Art with Fabric Blog Hop next month. The challenge is to interpret a piece of artwork and then translate it to fabric. 

I did not follow traditional piecing for that project and will detail it more in my blog post in May.  

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