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Gypsy Wife meets Jelly Roll, part 2

Here is my progress so far. It measures 67" x 98" so I will add wide borders on both sides to make it king-sized. I will have to search for the right fabric. This and another quilt will be headed to the longarmer. I will post images of the finished quilt in part 3. This ( started here ) needed more width and length.  Pink and blue feedsack and blue floral print were added to frame it up. I also added piano key borders from the recent spat of precuts I scored at thrift. Auditioning yardage for the backing ( shown below ).  I am making another attempt at paper piecing. I found a YouTube  tutorial that is helpful. I purchased the Atomic Starburst pattern and really  want to make this quilt. It is always hard to work outside of your comfort zone. At least there is no curved piecing, another hurdle I hope to cross one day.  The latest project to grab my attention and make me want to put off paper piecing is a rag quilt, link to a delightful post by a fellow blogger moms-f

Reframing a Find and Restocking Product

Stops on my thrift shop route revealed restocking was in full swing for Monday, Columbus Day 1/2 off sales. This unsigned acrylic on canvas was priced at $2.99 with all pictures and frames half off. I also picked up a framed print for $4.99 ( also half off ). It already had its hanging wire so I took off the glass and thrifted it back. It fit the painting perfectly so I just pushed a few thumbtacks to the back of the frame to hold the painting in place. Really love this painting. It is my first original painting scored from the Cameron Park hospice thrift. A couple of years ago, I purchased a small Maxfield Parrish print for $20.  Other finds at the first hospice thrift stop included a small print and some hexi flowers.  Second stop was another hospice thrift, a literal bonanza for vinyl collectors, scoring 9 records ( $1.29 each ). I know I can resell this Rocky Horror masterpiece ( but it might just stay in my collection ).  Third stop was a Goodwill where I have had go

Sierra Quilt Guild Show

The Sierra Quilt Guild held their show this past weekend   in Plymouth, California. While I am not in a guild, I hope to join one someday.  There were lots of wonderful submissions. This one was being raffled off. I would be ecstatic to own this one! When I see other's creations, I know I am getting closer to competition level quilting.  I was able to purchase this UFO from a mystery quilter at the show. It is partially completed with 7 blocks and part of the quilt.  At $15, it was well worth the material and I liked the colorway. I could always resell it if I am feeling creatively overwhelmed.  For $2.50 at thrift, I picked up this calendar from 2002 and some very pretty fabric bits and remnants.  Thought this was the best explanation for UFOs and WIPs: When you purchase material, it is a FUFO (future UFO). When you cut the material and start work on it, it is a WIP (work in progress). After a few weeks when you have stopped working on

Greenhouse update

We have kept the plants in the greenhouse watered but have pretty much ignored them throughout the summer. Only the strong survive our California heat.  The tomato pear going great guns is in the far planter with tomatoes, bell peppers and brussell sprouts in the other planter. A cucumber is vining up the plastic trellis. There are stir fry greens and garlic chives in that planter also.  My greenhouse experimenting continues. I just planted these seeds: golden beets, radishes, carrots and French gold pole beans. The seeds are a few years old but still seem to be germinating.  For Christmas, I am going to ask for a solar heater for the greenhouse.  No stunning trail cam pictures, but here is one of a doe. One delightful side effect of my recent weight loss, having dropped a few pounds, I get to buy all new pants and skirts. Well, new to me, all through thrift. Here is one outfit I have found secondhand in the past couple of weeks.  I will be posting for a couple of promp