Saturday, October 12, 2019

Reframing a Find and Restocking Product

Stops on my thrift shop route revealed restocking was in full swing for Monday, Columbus Day 1/2 off sales. This unsigned acrylic on canvas was priced at $2.99 with all pictures and frames half off. I also picked up a framed print for $4.99 (also half off). It already had its hanging wire so I took off the glass and thrifted it back. It fit the painting perfectly so I just pushed a few thumbtacks to the back of the frame to hold the painting in place. Really love this painting. It is my first original painting scored from the Cameron Park hospice thrift. A couple of years ago, I purchased a small Maxfield Parrish print for $20. 
Other finds at the first hospice thrift stop included a small print and some hexi flowers. 
Second stop was another hospice thrift, a literal bonanza for vinyl collectors, scoring 9 records ($1.29 each). I know I can resell this Rocky Horror masterpiece (but it might just stay in my collection). 
Third stop was a Goodwill where I have had good luck in the crafts section. Not sure if all the pieces are in this quilt kit, no worry, I am saving it for myself. 
I gambled on a mystery bag of craft kits ($8.49). Looks like my gamble will pay off, there are quite a few counted cross stitch ornament kits. Perfect timing for my November resell listings. 

At the very least, I predict these two Dimensions kits will move quickly.
A tiny creation from mystery cross-stitcher. I hope to be successful reselling the bounty she has unintentionally left to me. 
Before I had passed by the mug section at thrift, until I read on one reseller's blog that the right mugs can fetch good prices. I'm thinking this Jurassic Park one will be a good test of that theory. Bought for $2.24, I will list it around $20. 

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