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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Knott's Berry Farm ~ 1961

Family summer trips to Anaheim, California, also included a stop at Knott's Berry Farm.  There is mom making sure I don't take off in the car.  Not keeping my eyes on the road!

My brother and I - The Gold Dust Twins ~

A classic pose - boy, if those two statue miners could talk, think of all the people that have posed with them.

 Checking out the Indian at Booty Hill ...

Mom and I in front of the Calico Saloon.  Love the woman in the light orange outfit ~ she is stylin!

I am pretty sure this chicken did some kind of trick, she is enjoying her reward.  Little did she know she would immortalized in a picture seen now some 50 years later.  

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disneyland ~ 1961

Yearly summer trips to Disneyland were very much a part of our lives growing up.  These images were taken in the summer of 1961.  I am not sure if Snow White and Seven Dwarfs are still on display in the park.  There I am, fashionista in the making, gotta love that pose.

Here is Tomorrowland ~ where is everybody?

And my brother enjoying a burro ride in Frontierland, making sure dad got the picture of the critter.

Who didn't love the Autopia?

 Of course, the Matterhorn hasn't changed but the Submarine Voyage sign and ride are long gone.

Perhaps this shot of the Monorail was taken from the people mover?  

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pretty much freebies!

My Amador Hospice Thrift Shop card was completely filled out so I received $10 in free items and paid $4.30 for the following - two 8x10 frames, two scarves, a camo skirt with beading detail and a tabletop fan/heater (an outright necessity for women of a certain age ~ those with misfiring internal thermostats such as myself).

Even though I don't wear scarves, I find them useful in backgrounds for this and another blog I write.  In fact, a colorful scarf could be used in compiling a gift basket or used instead of tissue paper accents for gift bags.

The camo skirt was poorly constructed but I was drawn to the beading detail.  I could remove those appliques from the skirt and use them on another article of clothing.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

50-year retrospective photos from the 1962 Seattle World's Fair

Here are four images from my family photo archive of the Seattle World's Fair which I believe took place from April through October, 1962.  This first photo is my favorite because you can see one of Seattle's many hills in the background, and the clothing of the period (do I see some sixties fashionistas?).

Monday, February 20, 2012

M & Ms ~ Mudslinger and Muffy VanderBears

I spent half the day on the road with a stop for lunch at Rancho San Miguel Market in Stockton, CA.  Had a run in with the longhorn Mudslinger.  The pinatas in the produce section make you feel like you are at a fiesta, and you should because the produce is half the price charged at the big name grocery stores.  

Used my accumulated card points and $11 at Snowline Hospice in Cameron Park to garner a Carter and Buck sleeveless deep pink shirt, Kiss Me - I'm Irish head piece, a red shooting star frame, r-Zilla night black heat bulbs, a stone pattern tablecloth, a heart teacup, and a costume jewelry green rhinestone pin.

 New TSF Muffy VanderBear Musical Soiree now joins Flamenco dancer Muffy VanderBear, a gift from my mom.  
The Muffies are sporting Red Hat Society colors.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A plate collectors bonanza!

Interfaith's Great Finds in Sutter Creek, CA, recently received as a donation 1,400 collector plates, all with certificates of authenticity.  While I usually don't opt for plates, the Hamilton Collection horses were too amazing to pass up.  Interfaith was selling them at 3 for $12.  (Sorry the photograph isn't better, but trying to take a picture of plates is almost as difficult as photographing a framed picture in glass.)  Wally World (aka Walmart) had the picture hangers for $1.50 each.

Here is a snapshot of the front of the thrift shop - you can see the plates in the window to the right.

This place consistently lives up to its name of Great Finds!  I also found this stunning scarf and Eddie Bauer cardigan.  

The Easter items have started to appear and this lot ranged in price from 25 to 50 cents each.  The miniature rose I bought at Safeway ($3), along with the dark chocolate fortune cookies (pictured below for $1.50 - pre-Valentine's price of $5.99).

Nothing but yummy yum yum!  Yes, I admit I like to hit up the after-holiday clearance sales.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Don't be afraid of color!

The pink Bloomingdale's jacket and multi-colored shirt are both thrift shop finds.  The jeweled cross I bought retail and I've had for quite awhile.  The neat thing is that this is the first time I've put this outfit together.

It has been about six months since I took a ride on my trusty Schwinn bike.  I had been hesitant since I took a  Tami sail-cat adventure over the handlebars and scraped myself up pretty good.  The day was gorgeous in Sacramento.  Goodwill on 16th was on my way back to work - it was worth a look for 40% off day.  Picked up the cute costume jewelry necklace ($2.10) that would actually go quite well with today's outfit.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ode to Thrift Town

Here's the haul!  A 69 cent purple plaid scarf, an National Museum of American Art book ($4.99), bag of hair do-dads ($1.99), Nine West polka-dot skirt ($7.99) and a New York & Company teal blue long-sleeved collared shirt ($5.99), and a $5 off any purchase of $15 or more "Be Our Friend" coupon.  


I see your sign, I can't decide
What will I find today?
A shirt, a sweater, a book, a letter?
My heart skips a beat, a brand-name label?
A toy, a game, a picture, a table?
It is all part of the thrift shop game. 

How could I be so lucky?
With these fortunate finds
Why did the former owner
Discard this gem that is now mine
The coupons off, the sales of the day
Would I have this much fun the retail way?

Had to show off this Fever short-sleeved knit sweater (previous TSF).  It is soft and not bulky with a cute big button detail.  At first I was hesitant to put my picture OUT THERE in the vast internet beyond, but I so enjoyed seeing other bloggers highlight their ensembles or extraordinary finds, so why not?  What I don't get is bloggers who cut off their head in the picture, only showing their torso and legs.  Odd.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day is nearly here

Zipper Von Zalez sending Valentine wishes ~

My trooper orchid that keeps blooming and blooming and blooming.  Pink-haired troll and Valentine pillows (previous TSFs).

Today's TSF - a Paula Young short black wig ($3.50).  I found it last weekend at Amador Hospice Thrift Shop but forgot to snag it at the cashiers when I checked out.  It is under my "Commitment to Have Fun" category for upcoming photo shoots.  

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tweeking the blog

This image is from 1961 of my mom and me at Pacific Ocean Park. These early slides my father took are the best of the bunch. The later years, slides from the 60's and 70's have yellowed and seem out of focus even though all of them were stored in the same manner.    

I have spent the morning tweeking my blog.  Thought I had lost all of my blog layout when I switched to mobile template but much to my happy surprise, it was all there.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Antiques on J

While Antiques on J Street in Sacramento doesn't qualify as a thrift shop per se, the owner prices items at near TS levels.  Framed prints are consistently priced low and I have taken advantage of that over the years.  

My pursuit for Christmas CDs continues on into the new year.  Of course, I store these until December rolls around and it is pleasure to discover new renditions of old tunes.  How can you go wrong at three CDs for $5?  Devil in a Blue Dress soundtrack CD looks to be a fun listen chock full of blues tunes.

I keep my eye out for vintage copper molds and fishy ($2) fit the bill.  

Tamaya Sushi Bar & Grill, Great Meals Restaurants, Sushi, 2131 J Street Sacramento CA 95816  Noshed at Tamaya on 22nd and J Street.  Nominated as best sushi on the KCRA "A" List.  Reliable, tasty food but not the best service in town.  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rainy Day on Tuesday

Styling the finds!  This entire outfit is thrifted (Thomo jacket, brown short sleeve knit United States Sweaters and Style & Co. long print skirt).

Inspirational quote for the day by Edouard Manet, "It is not enough to know your craft -- you have to have feeling.  Science is all very well, but for us imagination is worth far more."

My craft - Commando Shopping!  Does it require imagination?  You bet ~

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine Wishes

Guinea Pig Girls


The Valentines-themed props for the guinea pigs were goodies I have gathered commando thrift shopping.

Amador Hospice Thrift supplied me with some props, a picket fence planter and a Sam's saloon small wooden box, a patriotic windsox, a horse/landscape watercolor (all tagged $1.50 ea.) the small white ceramic picture frame (50 cents).  A picture of my mom now resides in that frame.

What really delighted me was the Zero Zero pink skirt with side flower embroidery ($3.50).  I have resolved to be more discriminating in my clothes purchases - they have to pass the "WOW" test.  No wow?  No go.

On the topic of love ~ when did I first fall in love with fashion?  It was, at the very least, in 1969.  Here is a photo of me modeling for a Fredericks & Nelson fashion show.  The expression on my face was typical of me at ten years old.  You've got to love the medallion necklace!

Two years later, in 1971, in another fashion show.  I am the thinner model with the long brown hair.

A few years after that I attended the Carolyn Hansen Modeling School in downtown Seattle, Washington.  It was a blast, but I, a smurfette at 5'3", would never be in another runway show.

Friday, February 3, 2012

A dearth of nothing, then Goodwill saves the day!

Stopped in to Goodwill on 16th Street in Sacramento for 40% off day.  For the grand sum of $3.60, a pretty frame, Songs of the Pioneers featuring Roy Rogers CD, three DVDs and a pair of Carole Little black sport pants.

Next, was a stop at Bon Air Sandwiches, 2531 J Street, Sacramento, for my fav - The Gobble.

I don't think the picture does the sandwich justice but it is a yummy one!