M & Ms ~ Mudslinger and Muffy VanderBears

I spent half the day on the road with a stop for lunch at Rancho San Miguel Market in Stockton, CA.  Had a run in with the longhorn Mudslinger.  The pinatas in the produce section make you feel like you are at a fiesta, and you should because the produce is half the price charged at the big name grocery stores.  

Used my accumulated card points and $11 at Snowline Hospice in Cameron Park to garner a Carter and Buck sleeveless deep pink shirt, Kiss Me - I'm Irish head piece, a red shooting star frame, r-Zilla night black heat bulbs, a stone pattern tablecloth, a heart teacup, and a costume jewelry green rhinestone pin.

 New TSF Muffy VanderBear Musical Soiree now joins Flamenco dancer Muffy VanderBear, a gift from my mom.  
The Muffies are sporting Red Hat Society colors.


Another mature adult here who LOVES Muffy and Hoppy!!! Have neither of those above outfits, must put them on my to-do list for next payday! My favorite has to be the black and white portrait outfit, and I'm trying to assemble the whole gang in it.

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