Monday, February 20, 2012

M & Ms ~ Mudslinger and Muffy VanderBears

I spent half the day on the road with a stop for lunch at Rancho San Miguel Market in Stockton, CA.  Had a run in with the longhorn Mudslinger.  The pinatas in the produce section make you feel like you are at a fiesta, and you should because the produce is half the price charged at the big name grocery stores.  

Used my accumulated card points and $11 at Snowline Hospice in Cameron Park to garner a Carter and Buck sleeveless deep pink shirt, Kiss Me - I'm Irish head piece, a red shooting star frame, r-Zilla night black heat bulbs, a stone pattern tablecloth, a heart teacup, and a costume jewelry green rhinestone pin.

 New TSF Muffy VanderBear Musical Soiree now joins Flamenco dancer Muffy VanderBear, a gift from my mom.  
The Muffies are sporting Red Hat Society colors.

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