Monday, January 14, 2019

Fitting in a Feedsack and taking home a topsy turvy

Having received my box o' goodness from an online auction site, detailed here, the partial feedsack kit caught my eye. I was able to finish this mini or cubicle wall cover, as I like to call them, in one afternoon. Interesting that mystery quilter didn't use all of the precuts in this project. I used nearly all of the remnants, save for a few small pieces. 

This is the first year I have planned out my quilting projects, looking realistically at what I can finish with my limited amount of sewing time. 

I am pleased with my progress on my No. 3 on the challenge list of the plaid hexagon quilt. The body is done with the scraps I had on hand. I can finish off the borders of the hexagons with what I have left but the flimsy will need some plumping up to make it bed-sized. 

A quilty observation - oh, how my tastes have changed as I gain experience in this craft. At first, pretty much all the quilts I saw I thought were wonderfully amazing. Now, with my venturing further into paper piecing and on point construction, there are fewer quilts that wow me. I've got to step up my game! 

Thrifting update: I try to keep my vintage doll purchases to a minimum. This topsy turvy wangled her way into my life, having her original tag was a major selling point, along with it being just a few dollars. The piece de resistance was this topsy has 3 faces! I didn't notice the gramma face until I was at the cash register. Score!

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Project challenges and the plaid hexagon quilt

First month's draw on my list of January-2019-ufo came up No. 7, the plaid/batik half hexie quilt. Project revision after fabric pull,  low volume plaid hexagon. The Mr. gave me a gift card to a fabric retailer so I ordered a hexagon ruler, a Gutermann thread collection, surfboard print flannel fabric as backing for the remnants of my Hawaiian shirt hoarder fabric (the HSHSurfboard quilt), and some stork embroidery scissors. After I sorted out my plaid remnants, the Mr. helped me choose this assortment. 

I found a FB group that posts a challenge similar to the one I have committed to American Patchwork & Quilting UFO Challenge. I  have decided to choose between the two. I have made great progress on this quilt top. My No. 3 is a Bento Box quilt, a nice change from hexagon.  

In light of my move to quality thread, I went through my thrifted thread collection and culled even more. There are some colors I like to have, required in mending. 

I had collected too many sewing baskets (4), so I am filling one of them with giveaway thread. I greatly reduced my thrift shopping purchases over the past year. I did slip by buying a couple of vintage sewing machines. 

My success in scoring 36 basket blocks last month on an auction site prompted me to win on bid another set of fabric and vintage quilting magazines ranging from 1972 to 2005.  
Image source
There were block of the month sets, and a precut feedsack quilt set. I am oh so tempted to start on that kit but have to hold my feet to the fire to get as far as I can on that plaid quilt top and make the decision whether to keep it lap-sized or buy more fabric to enlarge it. 

Thrifting update, my cashmere sweater purchasing continues. 
Total of $10 for a framed orchid print
and a two-piece cashmere sweater set
I have signed up for the Qwilt Qwazy Queens March 2019 event. A fun theme of a project that turned out plain crazy or currently making a crazy project. I have on my promised project list Patchwork Crazy blocks in satin. 
Wall quilt version
My next post will be the completed Plaid Hexagon quilt. At this pace, I will be making only quilt tops focusing more on piecework than quilting. 

Monday, December 31, 2018

Making it an even 100

I couldn't resist rounding off my post total for 2018 to an even 100.  
It means I can show you the progress I have made on the basket block quilt. I've made a few more test blocks, these are the best of the bunch. I have ordered some yardage in Cowgirl Country, denim floral by Sara Khammash, it really does "round up" the basket blocks. It is the border fabric in the left top block. 

I have committed to a UFO quilting challenge that will have me working, hopefully, on a different project each month. This schedule might pose a problem as some months I am not very "quilty." 

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On the sewing machine front, the vintage White I recently acquired needs a lug belt before I can test its capabilities. It has been ordered. I have the CAMs too, found on an auction site. 

I am also working today, doing very important legal business, accepting subpoenas on behalf of the department. I am still in pursuit of a permanent legal analyst position having accepted a limited term position two years ago. It did not go permanent, so I need to secure another job, whether it is with this department or another. 

It is my favorite time of year in the thrift stores, when cashmere *sings the wordsweaters begin to appear. This apparently brand new Charter Club argyle is one of three I have found in the past week.  

I haven't highlighted a Pattern of the Day in awhile, so here is one from my collection. 
Tunics from 1969
Would be called Boho now
Our trail cams are up and running again. It was hard to maintain them during our intense summer heat. We'll see what critters are crawling around the property. 

Stay tuned, looks to be a fun and interesting New Year!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Best of 2018 Linky Party

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I like to do these year-end posts. It is fun for me to see what was successful and what resonated with my audience.  

I spent some time on Google analytics yesterday trying to run the report on search terms or what people searched for on my blog. In year's past it has been entertaining, like why would someone search "porcupine" or some other obscure word, words that may have never appeared on your blog. But my analytics were "broken" for this year, having to tweek some settings so my reports will run for next year. 
My work-around for grabbing my top five was to change my setting on my popular posts from 30 days to one year, and walah!

Here are the actual links below for those popular posts.  

Quilt-qwazy-queens-and-kitsch-quilt - because of the red and green colorway in this one, it was perfect to have displayed during the holidays.  

Party-on-with-picnic-quilt - this is my current bed quilt. 

The-encounter-abstract-in-fabric - this one I am quite proud of having earned an honorable mention in the California State Fair 2018. 

Statement-quilt-fail - Such a pretty colorway on this lap quilt, I am thinking of removing the black lettering and softening with some applique. Not my best work as I was having machine troubles at the time. 

The-colts-quilt - A gift to the Mr.'s daughter, I normally don't do sports-themed quilts.  

So looking forward to 2019, pop over here to see more of what I have planned in the months to come 2019 Planning Party.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Best laid plans of mice and quilters

Here it is just a week from my 2019 Planning Party post about quilting goals, wishes and dreams and I am already altering my plans - that happens regularly in the Tami world. 

I had my eye on this lot of fabric on an auction site for awhile. It first posted at $30 with $20 to ship it. NOT worth a $50 price tag. As an aside, you really have to watch those shipping costs on auction, it could potentially cost you more than the actual item. When the price dropped to $20 with 1 cent shipping, those blocks were finally mine! That calculates out correctly, it is hard to tell how many completed blocks are in the lot, but I counted at least 6. Even at $3 a block, it is worth it. Call me a lazy piecer, but I love to take another quilter's work, whether it is partially completed blocks or pieces of patchwork, and incorporate them into a quilt. 
My box of goodness arrived on Christmas Eve. There are 36 basket blocks that were prewashed. 

I ironed them and squared up the blocks as best I could. Some measure 8" and some 7.5".  Three of the bordered blocks are in my lead-off image, having bordered 10 on Christmas Day. 

I also found the CAMs for my White 3355 on another auction site. The seller didn't know what they had, and I am sure it is a pretty narrow market - those who purchase vintage sewing machine parts. 

I am debating on whether to donate my vintage sewing machines. I have two others, one a Singer and one a Morse. I get these babies oiled and running and then they still have issues, probably the reason they were sent to thrift in the first place. 

Linking up with a whole new set of quilters/bloggers for the 2019 UFO Challenge hosted by Judy at For that linkup, I must list 12 projects that Judy describes as follows:

  1. Each month I will post a number and that’s the project you should work on that month. On the first of the next month, I’ll post a new number and a link box where you can link up and share the progress you made on your UFO for the previous month.
My list of 12:

1.  Basket block quilt
2.  Spice it Up quilt
3.  Bento box quilt
4.  Black/cream/pink quilt
5.  Vintage blue quilt
6.  Magnolia needlepoint
7.  Batik or African-themed half hexi quilt
8.  Mariner's quilt
9.  Americana quilt
10. There will be at least one Art with Fabric blog hop quilt. 
11. Another patchwork crazy creation utilizing satin pieces (link to wall quilt here). 
12. Colorwash quilt. I did a fabric pull on this one but stalled on the design. I don't want to "bite off more than I can chew" on this project so it may be slow going.  

Finally, a new-to-me Instagrammer Sherry crazyquiltpatcher explained the difference in how people approach quilting. 

Years ago, I had a quilt teacher say there are two types of quilters: Process people and Project people. 

The Process people work on something until they have mastered the process and then a "squirrel" gets their attention and they are on to the next process. 

The Project people work on a project until it is completed. . . . they are able to avoid the charm of the "squirrels" until they get their project done.

When I grow up I would love to be a Project person. . . . . . I'm just not sure that it will ever happen!

I know I am happiest when I am hand binding a quilt for completion. May there be many finished projects in 2019!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays and thank you for joining me in this year's Countdown to Christmas!

Here are some random images that didn't make it onto any of my themed posts.  

Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve and Bergdorf Windows

Christmas Eve, counting down to Christmas. 

Bergdorf Goodman’s 5th Avenue holiday windows, 2018.
Photography: Ricky Zehavi.
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