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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

My eBay work has exploded

Seller update right off the get go. Recent sourcing puts me at about 200 uncut sewing patterns to list for sale. I am progressing toward my 3,000 active listings goal. 

Pattern of the day is from 1994 Party Shoes by Pavelka Design Studio. It looks to be the same colorway as my Lava Lamp quilt fabric pull below.

Books are on a 40% off sale and there have been no bites. 🎣The small stack of books I had pending to list are being thrifted back. After the sales promotion ends, I will pull the rest of the books off my shelves. Cookbook sales were a pandemic blip. 

I sold my first item to a museum in Alabama - a Boy Scout uniform shirt with patches. It would be a kick if I sold an item as a movie prop! 

Quilting update: Fan Quilt 2024 is at the longarmer being quilted. I chose a dragonfly pattern in a purple thread. 

I am cutting fabric for the Lava Lamp quilt(s). I have more than enough fabric for 2, possibly 3 quilt tops. 

Plans for the summer include two weeks on the coast and then two weeks inland alternating for the next 4 months. I will reveal my home-away-from-home trailer setup for sewing projects. 

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Follow Your Dreams

I don't know who to credit for this large mixed media artwork. It was hanging on the wall at the Goodwill boutique in Sacramento. If I had room for it, I would have bought it. 

I dream of a barn studio big enough to hang large quilts from the ceiling and unique artwork on the walls. 

Do I know what I will do with my art history degree in the making? Nope. No idea. I am taking the subject for the joy of learning. 

Seller update: Right when I was going to swear off sewing patterns, I bought at hospice thrift two pattern boxes each at $4.99, but the real score was 150 uncut patterns. These were hand-picked from a 5 drawer pattern keeper that seemed to be from a collection. 

I do not pass by the linens at thrift. There are nice towels, lovely tablecloths, and my latest find, this square pillow cover. 

This pale yellow sunflower volunteer to the greenhouse was the first to flower. 

I will highlight those cut sewing patterns from the 150 I couldn't resist in upcoming posts.  

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Unicorns and Undergrowing

Pattern of the day is from the coastal sourcing series last month, a 1986 Kalico Kastle Unicorn/Horse sewing pattern.

Seller update: There 36 sewing patterns waiting in the wings to be listed. I really have to concentrate on other categories since I am running out of space in the plastic tubs. What I like about my sewing repository is that these items are small and easy to store. 

I am considering pulling all books from the listings, with the exception of Bibles. 

I hover around 2,600 active listings. I anticipate the summer will be slow. I like to leave town for a few weeks at a time so I put my eBay store on time away. 

I have sold or thrifted my work-related clothing. I had quite a few Hawaiian dresses but I undergrew them. My clothes closet now includes:

8 maxi skirts
10 mid-length/pencil skirts
5 dresses
1 formal gown
10 pairs of pants
Over 20 long sleeve, short sleeve, graphic T shirts each
Over 20 cashmere sweaters

The fan quilt is in celebration of my 65th birthday. I returned to my original fabric pull and went with a lavendar feedsack backing. I also decided to go with a cotton batting, rather than wool, because it really is a summer quilt. I will reveal the finished quilt after its return from the longarmer. 

I purchased another mystery box of patterns from an online auction. For older patterns, I replace the plastic sleeves because they usually look dingey. 

We are concentrating on withstanding this 100 degree heat wave in Northern California. I can't head for the coast because I am still working through the end of the month. 

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Why I Turned Off Comments To My Blog Posts

I have turned off comments to my posts. Random posts of mine kept creeping into the most popular blog posts. When I clicked on one of my Christmas eve posts from 2019, one comment was a string of language I could not read. 

Looking further into past comments, another post that kept popping up was from many years ago. On each of the comments, a small combination of letters and numbers were posted. That was it. Apparently, evil actors were posting those funky comments on my blog and directing others to it. If you click on the comments tab in blogger, you can view all comments on your posts. 

Gonna fix their wagons. I deleted all of the suspicious comments. Now, no one can comment. Even if you email me, I rarely check that email inbox. 

Moving on to seller update: I removed the one test item I had for sale on Etsy. It was a tiki bar quilt. Etsy seems to be having its problems. I figure nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

Sourcing during my vacation produced over 50 sewing patterns for me to list. There was one colorful needlepoint I put with my keeper projects. 

Pattern of the Day from the coastal sourcing lot is one from 1966. It is a keeper too because it is cut, cut, cut, the Gonks Galore!


Online auction observation - seems people get the idea of jewelry crafting and then abandon the projects. There are bags and bags of jewelry "remnants" for sale. Of course, the same could be said for any craft. Good intentions with dreams of 💰 

Greenhouse update: The plants have eluded animal attack so far. 

We are just now experiencing heat in the 90s. That means the grasses will be drying up and water will be harder to find for the wild animals.  

Friday, May 31, 2024

May Weird and Wacky

Leading off with a couple of artistic gems from a Fort Bragg, California thrift shop. 

These boots are made for ...

I frequented the Freestyle Clothing Exchange in Sacramento to discover those kinky boots. 

These weird and wacky paintings were displayed at Scout Living in Sacramento. 

I made it as far as snapping a picture of this album cover. I gots no explanation!

Ending the post with something wonderful - a button sun catcher.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Almost But Not Quite - Patchwork Cupcake quilt reveal

I had saved the Patchwork Cupcake reveal for the California State Fair in the Almost Edible special crafts category but it was not chosen for exhibition. Approximate total time invested on the patchwork piecing, quilting, and beadwork: 50 hours. 

Ah well, dealt another blow but that is what a competition is about there are winners and losers. 

Fabric as a medium in crafting is not the easiest. The material will skew as it is quilted maybe even more so when it is straight-line. You can see some of that in the lead-off image. 

On improving technique, I am on a notification list for sewing lessons at the sewing center. Since I am self-taught, there is always something I can learn. I am looking forward to taking classes during the day, any day of the week. One month to go until I am a newly-minted retiree. 

Enjoy Patchwork Cupcake's reveal. I am striving for a State Fair ribbon, maybe it will happen someday. 

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Sunday Chat and the Fan Quilt

I saw Sunday Chat on another blog and enjoyed her post. Her format is similar to mine. She had a skosh of quilting tidbits and a bit of gardening news. 

Garlic chives in bloom. A deer-proof item in my greenhouse. 

I have been dragging my feet on the completion of this Fan Quilt. I have changed my mind three times on the design of the outer border. 

First, I had these blocks I was going to add. But their purple was too purple and they overshadowed the purple inner border.  

Then, I had a couple of jelly rolls that I combined thinking it would make up a piano key border. It just didn't mesh. I will save that piece for another project. 

I decided on a 2" batik border. This fabric I had pulled from the very beginning but wasn't sure how to work it in. 

I completed the backing long before I completed the quilt top. Photographed sideways, you get the drift. The middle section was a pieced portion bought in an online auction lot. 

Next quilt project queued up are these colorful blocks I bought recently at auction. Also pulled are some jelly roll strips auditioning for inclusion. 

Greenhouse update: All of the plants are coming along fine. Hope and pray an animal won't break in and ravage them, thus the chicken wire. The front entrance to the greenhouse is open but blocked by the former greenhouse door. Nearly all of the roof panels are missing so sunflowers can grow right through the roof. 

Heading to a bridal show today with my daughter, her bridesmaid, and the groom's mother. My first bridal show event! 👰

Vacation begins in a couple of days, I intend on doing no work. Taking a couple of books to read out on the deck.