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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Scouts and a Few Million

I always do well on last day of estate sales. $11 for a 1962 Bible, some art books from the 60s, and three scouting pieces with bling! I had just sold my last piece of Boy Scout, then I gained 3 more. These were priced at $10 each but sold to me as $10 for the three. 

In the image above, to the left are some of the precuts for the Lava Lamp quilt, and to the right is a pet quilt in progress. Both are destined for my home away from home. We will see how much sewing is done at that location. 

I was amused that eBay has increased my selling limit to $5,000,000. Five MILLION dollars. When you first start listing, you are limited to a certain amount. As you continue on with good seller metrics, your limits are increased. I have been selling on the site for nearly 30 years. I am the nickel and dime seller. Those $8, $15, $20+ sales add up. 

Greenhouse update: It was bound to happen. A deer got into the greenhouse and ate all of the pepper plants. Seems they are especially delicious. I will need more wire barriers to keep the tomato plants intact. 

The Mr. and I saw the new Will Smith movie Bad Boys Ride or Die. There should have been more writing invested in comedy rather than the killing. The comedic moments were good. On Wednesday there are matinees for seniors. You will know where to find me the weeks I am in town. 

I am more than over working full time. I have earned my stripes. 40 years with a few short hiatuses in between. I have 4 actual days in office left to fulfill. 

Ending with a story about my latest unhinged person encounter. I took a mid-afternoon walk in downtown Sacramento. There was a woman a couple of blocks down in the sidewalk. She was saying something I could not make out. Rather than go another block out of my say, I left the sidewalk and walked into the roadway on the other side of the parked cars to avoid her. As I got closer to the woman, she said something I couldn't make out, but it was clear she was giving chase. She ran at me from the sidewalk and in between the parked cars. Thankfully, I wear tennis shoes when I walk downtown so I ran away from her. I reported the incident to the Sacramento Sheriff. 

The unhoused situation has not improved. The streets were cleaned for a movie shoot a few months back, but the tents are popping up again in the grid. Now, unattended homeless encampment fires are causing major wildfires in the area. I do not know the solution. 

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