Brainius explosius over cheese torteous

How did you find out mon bebe

Social media and Babs has gone rogue

And then she said, "I'll take everything you've got."

There are things I won't go cheap on

Yes, I made that and then I burned them

Chaos and keeping the ball rolling

Tastes like chicken

Clothes and liars

The succubus and Chuck.

The zombies moved in next door

My name is Dylan, don't call me Sue

Dampfnudel and French-fried deviled eggs

Hint, hint and where's the lobster thermidor?

Scatterbrained and marshmallow dressing

The empty bottle and I swear it was the fruitcake

When hell freezes over I will dress like a hobo.

Temporary insanity

It was no accident that I found her.

Gouda gouda gouda