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Sunday, April 30, 2023

April Weird and Wacky

April weird and wacky items focus on paintings I have encountered in the thrift shop wild. 

Watch out for the shark!

I will just add a face ...

New twist on anthropomorphism

Contemplating the navel

Sad puppy #1

Sad puppies #2

Not colorful and not happy

Miniature queen and her pet feline

The last two defy explanation. Hope you have enjoyed this month's Weird and Wacky offerings. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Ecstatic over an Estate Sale

I routinely check in with to find sales in my area. A cute house in Jackson, California was the setting for these finds at Day 2 of the estate sale. In addition to the delightful chalk on board, there were other items $20 for the lot. This little picture was covered in dirt on its glass frame, perhaps forgotten for many years. The estate sales lady even mentioned it at my check-out, a small piece overlooked by the Day 1 attendees. It measures 6"x8" by Courtney L. Miles (1887-1975). An established artist who lived in the California area and was known for his coastal and mountain landscapes. It is a keeper and now resides in my remote/home office. 

I would have given $20 for just the horse-themed duffel bag. The stuffed animal cow will make my money back on this foray. The handmade Christmas-themed plaques will be highlighted on my Countdown to Christmas. Ok, maybe half is for me, and half I will put up for sale. The items in the right corner are going up for sale, the dressed cow doll, the Christmas vest, and the two books. 
Inside the duffel bag were a set of hand painted wooden Christmas plaques, zippers, buttons, an ornament and mug. 

Found the same weekend were two pieces of Bob Mackie clothing, a jacket, and a silk long-sleeved shirt. I will highlight the jacket in another post. There is so much involved to list clothing, since I create an iMovie for each one. 

Gardening update: The plants are all in, we had so much cold weather I had to wait for the first 80 degree day that finally landed on Friday, 4/21. 

Seller update: I am inching closer to my goal of 2,500 eBay listings. Of my newest sewing pattern acquisitions and the ones culled from my personal collection that should put me there.  

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

The Pattern Collector

I have been having Come to Jesus meetings with myself. My personal sewing pattern collection is being winnowed down. I don't sew clothing. I can't call myself a patchwork piecing expert because I avoid sewing complicated quilt tops. I am a Fits and Starts Sewist. πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™ŠSome projects I become obsessed and complete them from start to finish in a weekend. Other projects extend over months and even years. 

When I originally began pattern collecting, it was for the graphics. Pattern of the Day has been a feature on my blog for many years. This 1952 McCall's is one I won't part with. It hits on all kinds of cylinders - 1950s, aprons, and chickens!

The following are the Polynesian Pattern that were listed. I don't foresee any tiki-themed parties in my near future. I do have a few Friday's Frock summer dresses scheduled for warm weather rotation.

I have two more tubs of my collected sewing patterns awaiting my review. I have a special fondness for apron patterns so there will be a glut of those hitting the boards. 

Friday, April 14, 2023

The Making of the Dog Bed, Part 2

As promised the final product on the making of the dog bed for Zipper, my German wirehaired pointer. Life got in the way of a quick completion, with a bout with the a bug at Easter, and there is the two jobs ...

It is massive, I do know that it can hold three bed-sized quilts. I didn't have any piping on hand so I used bias tape and a yellow cording. 

I also discovered I cut just enough for the bed cover, not the bed cover lining. Either I am missing part of the instructions, or they are just not clearly written. 

When I first started the dog bed, I saw them priced at $50. Update to this post, here is one priced at $70!

It did require a lot of material. If one had to buy everything to make it, you would be close to the retail cost. 

Here is yet another pattern I have pulled for my tote-making test product. 

I have envisioned in my retirement future making handsewn lined fabric tote bags. I am hoardinggathering the finer upholstery weight materials now. I have a couple of other machine sewn products I am considering offering up for sale. 

Another thing I have realized about sewing patterns - it does not matter if I consider some of them "boring." Like a plain shirt, skirt, or pants pattern, they still sell. 

I am moving into the next phase of my business. I have drafted a business plan and will be opening a business bank account. A Fictitious Business Name statement is in the works, because the bank needs that paperwork to open the account. The business name has to be associated to an individual (not an entity). 

I was finally able to access my Windows Media Player Legacy to rip CDs to my laptop. For some reason for months on end, I was unable to rip CDs. There must have been an uproar when Windows removed or disabled that ability to rip because it magically reappeared.  

Spring cleaning on my sewing patterns meant going back into my personal stash or over 100. I don't need 100 sewing patterns. I turned a critical eye to those I really need to keep and those I can sell. I also considered pulling the vintage cut Butterick patterns, but dontcha know it, they started to sell. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Selling the Sassy Sisters

My latest round of eBay listings included these sassy sisters, aka Raggady Rag Dolls circa 1989. Made the same year my daughter was born. Selling them together as they came through thrift together. The redhaired one has a wooden heart with the words "Sisters are Special."

Highlighting the other 2 dolls for sale.

Gardening update: We were finally able to get outside into the sun to do some gardening. We had round after round of rain and cold, the water much needed so keep it coming! It also means there are super blooms of spring flowers. 

This particular daffodil has a pale pink bell edged with pale yellow. So pretty!

The biggest task was trying to restore the greenhouse. The heavy winds knocked out nearly every plastic panel. What is not shown is the extensive damage to the front of the structure, and the missing roof panels. 

You can see the artichoke is the star of the show! 🌠 Asparagus is planted to the left of it. 
Tomato starts are in the bed to the right, with garlic chives at the front. Potatoes and onions are in the middle bed for now. Kale and climbers cucumbers and sugar snap peas in the bed to the right. 

The Mr. had a rattlesnake encounter. There was a tarp on the ground and when he went to move it, the snake was disturbed, rattled, and tried to strike him. Mr. scrambled up the hill from there. We have to be extra vigilant when we are outside. 🐍

Here is one of the delightful book finds from a recent estate sale. While I was loading up on the books, I was oooing and awing over the ones I know will sell.

I launched another book sale markdown so I could make room for the growing book death pile. As any seller will discover, there is a limit to certain items you are willing to store. Some may have separate storage units and that isn't an issue. I have a limited amount of space in my home. My offsite storage is my personal collections and items I may or may not sell in the future. 

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Happy Easter

It is Easter time. Had to highlight this Vogue pattern. The bunny costume isn't included, he sure is cute! πŸ‡πŸ°

I have come across some pretty fun stuff going down the rabbit hole that is the internet. I don't know who to credit for this Easter Lamb Cake compilation - it is hilarious!

And since are are on a roll ... another pattern I offer for sale.

Easter blessings came early for me. Two estates sales in my area were on Day 2 on Saturday. Both were run by the same professional company. It is my advantage to arrive at Day 2 because the things I look for are overlooked by the people that buy big items. This Day 2 was extraordinary because items at both houses were being given away for πŸ†“

I snabbed this crafter's carry, as I would call it. A couple of the sewing patterns are from the 1970s. Most of the sewing ephemera is from the 60s and 70s. 

There were a handful of these smaller Coats & Clark's publications. This one is dated 1970.
Florida State fan with pelican picture. 
Christmas card. 
Zany Zoo Hair-Spray Can Covers - free leaflet W.894

I also gained a banker's box full of books which I will highlight in upcoming posts. There was clothing galore, one being a pale patchwork maxi skirt. I took my chance on rescuing the bibles and two pictures of religious iconography. I have also moved into fabric dolls or primitives. They sell much, much better than regular dolls. 

Seeds have been planted in the greenhouse for starts. Artichokes and asparagus are thriving this year. More gardening images to come.