Sunday, June 17, 2018

Hippy jeans and media access

At $2.50 - who cares if it was mass produced?
Did my route of 4 secondhand shops and found yet another item on my thrift shop bucket list, a pair of embroidered-leg jeans. Coldwater Creek brand, reliable and well-made. Thrown in for good measure was a small painting, a Charter Club Hawaiian print shirt and some quilt blocks. Grand total spent - $12.
Thrifting treasures

I learned through another Sacramento blogger that, as bloggers, we could apply for media badges for early access and entrance into the California State Fair. I was all over that. I am more than curious to know where my quilted wall hanging the-encounter-abstract-in-fabric will be displayed.  

I have a long history with fairs - I can't hide the fact that I love them! I love the smells and the energy. Cotton candy and scones are my foodie downfalls. 
1962 Seattle World's Fair
My mom had this slide marked as "Poodle for Miss Peep Show"
I'm the little gal next petting the poodle, my brother next to me
I may have more of these retro fair images hiding in the next group  of slides I brought home on my last visit with my mom. 

Pattern of the Day is a 1960s Advance pattern.

The sleeveless version is my usual work look for summer days that reach 100 degrees. The forecast calls for heat and more heat in our Northern California climes.  

Are you a fan of the fairs? 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Curved piecing and other observations

This pre-cut kit of batik fabric is my entry into curved piecing. These fabric pieces are even notched and mystery quilter left detailed notes along with the instructions. 

My sturdy 457 is good for piecing but not for quilting. Course, I have been pushing it by using a standard foot and other sewing machine transgressions.  

Picnic quilt is in pinned basted stage but I am waiting until my Brother machine is repaired and tuned up. 

My attempt at abstract in fabric was not a state fair acceptance. *shrugs* I don't regret that it sports matchstick quilting. I will use that technique again for another quilted wall hanging. 

Update to post: So I believed all weekend that my entry wasn't selected, come to find out it earned an honorable mention. I'm in the fair after all!  

Pregnant doe captured on trail cam

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Every Quilter Needs a Rack

How's that for a post title? A quilt rack had been on my thrift shop bucket list for some time. Sturdy and well-made it will hold three full-sized quilts. There are heart cutouts on each side. Hospice half off day meant I scored that and the following items:
Priced at $8, I paid $4
Another fun, obscure thing I collect are fortune teller toys and Tarot cards.
Muffy on the right joined Fortune Tellers
Barbie and M&M
Back to the quilting aspect of the finds, quilt and other books, fabric and looks to be the beginnings of a doll quilt.

What I am now calling the picnic quilt with pineapple and My Little Pony backing is in the basting stage. I am patting myself on the back for using less than $20 in retail fabric and the remainder from my stash. 

This quilt is destined for the spare bedroom/fabric stash room.

Next on my list of things to find secondhand - a quilt ladder.