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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Echeveria and spring organizing

Could not resist this Echevaria 'Neon Breakers.'  I've seen the plant before in a succulent arrangement but not sold as just this plant.  Isn't she a beauty?

I finally got around to setting up the sweater organizer I picked up for $5.  Good investment, my long sleeved shirts and acrylic sweaters will be stored there during the summer.  It also has a small built-in pouch for moth crystals but I will most likely use a cedar block.

Cashmere and wool will be stored in the cedar chest that was a gift from my mom.  

How do you store your winter clothes during the summer months?  

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Half off is a blast!

It was half off everything at Amador Hospice Thrift Shop and it is days like this you hope for.  I spent the grand sum of $23.76.  We begin with the pinks ~ a pink double strand necklace on silver ($2.50), pink desert image I love thrown in for good measure (artist unknown), and a smalls pink beaded angel (25 cents).

 A couple of books and apple print key minder with gold-trimmed flower print.

And then there are the clothes -- dark pinstripe Scarlett sleeveless dress ($2.25), Jones New York deep purple sleeveless knit top (75 cents), black White Stag sleeveless knit top (75 cents), Kasper teal green sleeveless knit top ($1.25), Hot Cotton by Marc Ware black and white rose print jacket ($1.25), and Erica black and white checked shorts ($1.25). 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ya gots to love lavender!

This image is from the 1960s (model and photographer unknown).  I get a kick out of watching Fashion Police with Kelly Osborne.  She is sporting lavender-tinted hair ~

I was thinking it was 30% off clothes day at Thrift Town, but that is NEXT Friday.  But it makes no mind, I did find all of these lavender-themed clothes: Coldwater Creek lightweight shirt ($7.99), Sag Harbor floral print skirt ($7.99), Style & Co. lavender stretch short-sleeved shirt ($7.99) and Inc. brand polka dot swimsuit ($3.99).

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Administrative Professional's Day

So, today is the day ... what used to be called Secretaries Day is now Administrative Professional's Day.  Since I claim to be an "administrative professional" I figured I should be in a photo reading The New Yorker (and gives me an excuse to show Wednesday's frock - a darling Liz Claiborne print skirt).  For the artsy types, that is a Dan Post original landscape in the background.

For my assistant, I brought in this jade plant in adorable red pot (purchased at Wally World aka Walmart - the pot, that is, not the plant).

For the crew I made a no-bake strawberry cheesecake (recipe on the back of the Knox gelatin box).

Happy times wished for all today ~

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Classic Car and the Winchester House 1967

A few days ago I saw a THING OF BEAUTY parked in front of the McDonalds in El Dorado Hills, California. Now, why can't they make cars like this anymore?

Someone had a sense of humor with the neon spray-painted "Help" over the Famous Winchester Mystery House sign. These are the only two photos I have in our family archive. I bet photographs weren't allowed to be taken inside.

Blogger has messed with the photo upload so I can't resize the pictures. But you get the idea.

It is blazing hot here in Cali today (near 90 degrees) and that makes me CrAnKy because I can't work in the garden. Got the straw down to block the weeds that have grown to jungle-like proportions but am so heat stressed I don't even want to go out and buy the vegetable plants.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sutter Creek sweets

I finally spent my gift certificate I had to Memory Lane Old Time Candy in Sutter Creek with the purchase of salt water taffy and peanut brittle.  That city is kind of off the beaten path, I hadn't been there in years.  It is a quaint tourist stop with the requisite antique shops, art galleries and wine tasting co-ops.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's Frock and Fancy Nancy

What I'm wearing a Zero Zero pink side panel embroidery-detailed skirt with ruffle and August silk lavender shell (both TSFs), Macy's pearls, lavender Merona sweater (Tarjhay aka Target brand) and Ariat light lavender suede sandals.

If only I could be so fashion forward as Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy pink hair/poodle skirt doll listed on for $5.  Now she's got pizzazz!  I may have to bid on her.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


One of my fav past-times (esp. when I am home sick and have been down with the flu these past few days) is discovering new blogs.  I like the kitschy, queer, weird, humorous, fashion freakazoids, to entertain me.  My newest blogger pal is  She has enticed me with her bizarre creations such as:

Her Meadham Kirchhoff-esque bracelet! The inside has a soft green felt lining.   (It's so ugly, it's cute).

These are some Day of the Dead earrings that she made by printing out some pics, laminating them,  and putting on a hook.  (I esp. WANT these!)

You go Gwen ... under your bridge!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Yogi Bear

Was doing a little research on Yogi Bear and it seems his looks have changed since the early 1950's -1960's.    This 1961 button is currently listed on Ebay for $9.99.  I like how he is sort of Bill-the-Cat-esque with one eye bigger than the other.  

This 1958 Yogi Bear sold on for $7.  You can almost hear him saying, "Hey, Boo Boo!"

Here is the newest version of Yogi Bear - his picture on a mug currently listed on Ebay for $1.99.  He doesn't have quite the character of the 1961 version.

And my ride-on Yogi Bear 1961, a Christmas present when I was two.  When we moved and one of the wheels had fallen off, my parents tried to get rid of it by leaving it off the moving truck.  I was apopletic over Yogi being left behind, so my three-wheeled trike came along with us.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

True Blue

Out and about meant a quick stop in to Goodwill on 16th Street in Sacramento for 40% off day and two blue shirts for the grand sum of $4.  E Street Thrift was on the route back and half-off blue tag sale allowed me to purchase the 10-shelf sweater bag for $5 (retails for $29.99) and the camo kangaroo for 98 cents.  I will use that little outfit for one of my other blogs, then recycle him back.

A Henry Clive mermaid ~ for your enjoyment.  I have this image as my wallpaper on my android cellphone.

Monday, April 9, 2012

A nod to my growing Russian audience

One of the features on is the ability to monitor your readership.  I have had the good fortune of appealing to a Russian audience, and as a nod to them, I highlight a darling 7-piece Russian nesting doll currently bidding on for $13.99, signed "Kypehkoba."

The piece de resistance of today's post is this magical image of the Red Square, dated February 1966.  This was in a batch of 35 mm slides I purchased as a group from an Arizona couple who traveled extensively in the late 1960's and early 1970's (not the couple pictured in the foreground).

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Moments of Easter

Here is the 1963 version of me celebrating Easter.  My mom ensured I was always dressed up.  I continued the tradition with my kids ~1996.

And now my fur babies ~ 2012.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Indians, but not cowboys

We'll start with Native American porcelain doll currently bidding on for $5.00.  I can't decide if he is protesting or chanting.  He is endearing nonetheless.  

And an image from Disneyland, 1963.  I don't remember these types of events at Disneyland, but there you have it.

The next series are from Grand Canyon, Arizona, June 1963.

This slide was also marked Grand Canyon, Arizona, 1963.  I wish I knew more of the story behind this photograph but I would guess those children dressed that way for tourists.  

This last image was stamped Navajo woman and family, Roben Co. (date unknown).