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Penchant for the Past

My newest acquisition a sewing basket ( $8 Goodwill bargain ) was taped up when I bought it, so I could only guess at its contents but it rattled and was heavy, so let's take a look. No stork-neck snippers or Weiss scissors. Here are the best of the contents, such lovely sewing ephemera. I have been entering fabric-related giveaways for some time now and have finally won a bundle through Flit and Bloom. I will highlight its contents when received.  Pattern of the Day is a Retro Butterick '48, the season for this type of formal gown.  My machine sewing and quilting projects come to a screeching halt around this time of year. I did indulge on some Riley Blake fabrics in a collection as a companion quilt to my vintage four patch in my bedroom.  What did you splurge on for yourself this year? 

Clean slates, bucket lists and Ornament a Day on IG

I know I am in the crafting minority but by year's end I will have completed all of my WIPs ( works in progress ). I kept procrastinating on finishing a Christmas quilt, when I decided I liked the backing better than the quilt top. I pulled more Christmas fabric from my stash and added to the backing from recent additions of mystery quilter shown below. The weekend thrift shop finds were quilt books eye candy and some seed packet fabric blocks with matching material. I have just fallen out of love with this flimsy (shown here ). Maybe it needs more, maybe it needs less - I may give it away next month on my Countdown to Christmas.  What better time to refocus, destash and concentrate on one amazing quilt. My plaid fabric pull is waiting patiently for me to spin them into the Storm at Sea pattern.  The destash was to get rid of the uglies. As I gain newer, prettier thrifted material, I go back to my stash and take a hard look. This culling was the greens and marginals. Ol

Gypsy hanging curtain

I have been laid up at home recovering from a surgery. In an effort to entertain myself with low impact projects, I finished two quilts and embarked on this gypsy hanging curtain project. I think of it as gypsy because I envision beads and bangles, dark and romantic.  I say "low impact" because I think quilting on a domestic sewing machine should be an Olympic sport! A lot of energy goes into wrestling with the fabric while holding it in place with special gloves. Earlier this year, I acquired a stack of thrifted velvet and mixed fabric precuts. I experimented with stabilizing the thinner fabrics so they would hang correctly when sewn together with the heavier fabrics.  After I sewed together the precuts, I added a remnant border. Then I was stuck. None of my remnants or yardage made the curtain "pop!" I ventured to my nearest retail fabric store and bought the three items I needed most, the border fabric for the front of my curtain, cotton batting for a quee

Pattern Queen

I tell myself I have enough vintage patterns but then I find more, the retro graphics being so delightful! Like this undated Vogue special design. * sighs * I finally had the chance to bring home more from my mom's estate cleansing. Things that would only be important to me like iron-on crewel patterns and embroidery thread. In the tin containing those items, I found this completed one. I have decided to incorporate it into the backing of a completed fan quilt top project.  Just Be Quilt is finished but because it is an art competition entry, the only part I can reveal is my first attempt at a hanging sleeve. I think I did ok.  I wanted this to be as close to professional work as possible. My binding needed improvement so I watched this Fat Quarter Shop tutorial, starting and stopping it at crucial points during the process. I utilized all of the steps up to the machine binding reverting back to French binding because I felt like I had more control over it. Wounded Warri