Saturday, November 11, 2017

Gypsy hanging curtain

I have been laid up at home recovering from a surgery. In an effort to entertain myself with low impact projects, I finished two quilts and embarked on this gypsy hanging curtain project. I think of it as gypsy because I envision beads and bangles, dark and romantic. 

I say "low impact" because I think quilting on a domestic sewing machine should be an Olympic sport! A lot of energy goes into wrestling with the fabric while holding it in place with special gloves.

Earlier this year, I acquired a stack of thrifted velvet and mixed fabric precuts. I experimented with stabilizing the thinner fabrics so they would hang correctly when sewn together with the heavier fabrics. 

After I sewed together the precuts, I added a remnant border. Then I was stuck. None of my remnants or yardage made the curtain "pop!" I ventured to my nearest retail fabric store and bought the three items I needed most, the border fabric for the front of my curtain, cotton batting for a queen sized quilt and some grey and beige thread. Total cost of the project - $45 in retail fabric.
I went a totally different direction for the backing of the curtain, it is more Run for the Roses. I had this swatch of large scale horse head fabric and then I pulled out the two florals. A marriage was made! The Western flavor border fabric rounds out the hidden horsey effect. 
This is really when I am at my happiest when I can bring together remnants, supplement with some retail fabric, for a quick and easy addition to my home. 

Thrifting update: On my venture out I also went to thrift and found one of my top 10 must-have purchases cashmere *sings the word* Orvis sweater.  I love everything about this find, some of the best things are on the racks that have just been rolled onto the floor. Orvis is a high end brand and there are no flaws. There were also fabric remnants, a new with tag Izod shirt, Sandra overblouse, a poodle applique and yes, a random back of a Maine Coon's head. 
And .... fabric finds! Just as I suspected a fabric hoarder had donated and the remnants are just now processing through the thrift shop.  
I am fleshing out my Countdown to Christmas posts. Join me December 1st for that fun event! 

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