Friday, November 3, 2017

Pattern Queen

I tell myself I have enough vintage patterns but then I find more, the retro graphics being so delightful! Like this undated Vogue special design. *sighs*

I finally had the chance to bring home more from my mom's estate cleansing. Things that would only be important to me like iron-on crewel patterns and embroidery thread. In the tin containing those items, I found this completed one. I have decided to incorporate it into the backing of a completed fan quilt top project. 

Just Be Quilt is finished but because it is an art competition entry, the only part I can reveal is my first attempt at a hanging sleeve. I think I did ok. 

I wanted this to be as close to professional work as possible. My binding needed improvement so I watched this Fat Quarter Shop tutorial, starting and stopping it at crucial points during the process. I utilized all of the steps up to the machine binding reverting back to French binding because I felt like I had more control over it.

Wounded Warrior quilt is next up for binding but since I did absolutely none of the piecework I may not post it as a final.

I can't continue to put off finishing my Christmas quilt with cardinal cornerstones, first posted here. It is ready to quilt sandwich up, my oldest work in progress at a year and six months.

Gonna be brutal again and destash any fabric or projects that are marginal. My next piecework project I am chomping at the bit to start is the Storm at Sea pattern with plaids. My post highlighting those quilts here.

Hello from Tigger and Eyore, ushering out October and on to November. 

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