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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Relationship with clothes - it's complicated

Because of my sewist background, I have always been a "fix it" kind of gal. Hand beading, garment altering, and general repairs have been part of my repertoire for years. This link I also shared on FB, a wonderful article on making do:

The past few months I have re-thrifting my clothing. Actually, my first step has been to take my garments to a clothing reseller. Of those garments that are not accepted, I then list on Ebay. If those garment don't sell, I then thrift them back. 

I am experiencing regret over donating some retro books. Luckily, I kept some images but not the entire contents. I go through phases where I try to pair down my "stuff." I used to redonate the bulk of my castoffs but now I list things first on EBay. 

Reselling update: I discovered Jason through a FB group called The Thrifting Board. This video of his poses the question, "Do you have 50 unused items around your house?"
I finished watching his video and the next day I found one of the BOLOs (be on the lookout for), this Cranium Cadoo game. It is only a booster pack so I will see if I can find the entire game and bundle them.
I am queuing up my Countdown to Christmas posts. This year will be an abbreviated version, perhaps half as many but just as much fun!

Thanksgiving celebration is in full swing with the turkey out of the oven and the potato casserole going in. Wishing you a peaceful day!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Fabric has to age properly

My post title was the best comment I saw posted recently on the FB group Up-Cycled Cloth Collective. The post featured a wool hat with the text, "The wool has been in my possession for YEARS ... The weight of holding on is too great. This hat will be re-released into life as a new and beautiful thing." To which another commented, "Everyone who sews (or knits) knows that most fabric has to age properly before it can be used or heaven forbid be parted with."

The story to go along with that one belongs to the first image in my post. Admittedly, I had been lurking around a large pile of donations from a  mystery quilter. The fabric, etc. sat in the corner of a thrift shop for months, just within eye shot. There was this group of quilt blocks that remained unpriced and therefore unpurchasable. Well persistence paid off, the blocks along with some more feedsack print material, were finally released. 
20 blocks for $10, I couldn't hand my money over fast enough. These blocks will require some attention, squaring them up. The cream colored fabric is stained and faded so I will replace those sections of material. I will leave all the other blocks intact and then bring them all together in a quilt top. I think these blocks have aged enough - it is their time to shine.

My Weird Secondhand Finds that Need to Be Shared group on FB has come through again. A question was posted, "How many people have been on a relentless search for something they've seen shared, and what?"

One replied, "The Universe will share what you need when the time is right." The Gospel of Secondhand Zen, Ch. 4, Verse 15."

Reseller's BOLOs - here are few things I have added to my already long list of things I look for secondhand:

Grapefuit or serrated fork. Didn't know one existed until I found one. Seems they are rare and sought after.  

Fluffy ice creamy pastel colored pullover sweaters. Go figure.

People seem to go crazy over those 80s hanging oil figurine lamps. 
I couldn't get rid of ours fast enough when we moved years ago.

I have never found one in the wild - one of those prairie dresses,, preferably made by Gunne Sax. 

Thrifting roundup - in addition to my fabric finds, I picked up more $1 clothing and some kitchen items. I was able to replace our pizza cutter, a pizza stone (still in original packing) some skewers, flatware, and a cat food bowl, all from thrift. 

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sometimes it is simply a watercolor

I have seen a few original pieces of artwork in thrift in the past few weeks, a couple of abstracts, but this watercolor beckoned to me. Well executed and double matted, it had to join my collection. I have since polished the wood frame. Two pieces I did pass up were from the 1980s sort of western bathtub series. Had they been framed alike, I would have bought them at $4.50 each to resell.
I considered but passed up a men's medium NASCAR shirt. I don't have enough experience with online clothing reselling. 

I made my goal of 10 listings for the weekend. Populated mainly by quality maxi skirts that are too big for me now. My last two items I posted were this counted cross-stitch kit and some collectible pins, this day's thrift shop finds.
I've got 20 active listings. It sure does take away from my creative play time. We will see if I will want to keep that pace into the new year.

A lucky score for me were these 8 Reed & Barton select stainless spoons (10 cents each). Rarely do I find quality flatware. Our spoons have disappeared over the years so these 8 were badly needed. 

I thought I was getting a handle on my fabric organization but then I discovered an entire TUB of remnants. Ugh. I will go through it over the long Thanksgiving weekend. 

On the stove is split pea soup with chicken broth, carrots, and a piece of ham hock. Here is wishing your world is as peaceful and lovely as mine is at this moment.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Mystery box number two has arrived

I was hoping this resin wind up cuckoo clock worked, but it didn't. For $5, it is a pretty neat decoration. 
"Why the push for quilters to use up their stash? Nobody asks stamp collectors to mail letters." (Overheard at Quilt Festival, posted on IG by #igquiltfest)
When I add to my fabric stash, I feel guilty, but when I finish a quilt, I feel relief. When I feel overwhelmed, I sell some of my potential projects. 

I have finally sent the graduation quilt to the longarmer. I was going to send two quilts but need to add more width to the Gypsy Wife meets Jelly Roll quilt. My newest burgundy heart quilt is going to bump Gypsy Wife as next up in queue to be sent out for professional quilting. 

My mystery box number 2 arrived from my online auction site. This one I knew there was a partial grandmother's flower garden project. There was also this beehive/bee sandwich that needs a skosh more quilting and binding. 

$1 clothing at thrift meant I added 7 new pieces to my wardrobe and some fabric and my "winter" tablecloth weights for an outdoor table in the barbeque area. 

Here are my houses displayed on my Christmas quilt. 

The burgundy blocks are ironed, here is the fabric pull for the borders and backing. 

I decided on the Joan Kessler paisley for the fill-in fabric setting those blocks on point. I am going to use the mint green plaid for the backing. 

Next post should be the burgundy heart quilt flimsy and backing!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Boxes on your doorstep

Took the weekend off from sewing after the push of the baby quilt, but still had a productive long weekend. I ripped approx. 50 CDs to my laptop, posted 10 active listings on Ebay, mainly Christmas sweaters, and culled my clothes which resulted in two bags full I hope to earn credit at the clothing exchange. I was thrifting back all of my larger pieces of clothing but thought why not see if they are resell worthy? I have learned to take my clothes to the exchange first. On this round I earned a $20 credit to buy something cute. 

Best of trail cam in October. This coyote has made more than one appearance on camera, and this hawk also. 

Greenhouse update: Brussell sprouts we have grown are on the menu and I am harvesting tomato pears. 

Baking away - old fashioned peanut butter cookies. 

Those linens I bought here, a couple of commenters thought they might be able to be resold, but I am still on the fence. I may be able to do something craphty for entry into the state fair. 

I impulsively bought two lots of partially completed quilt projects from an online auction site, prompted by the waived shipping charge. The first one arrived. I thought there might be something worthwhile because it weighed 4-1/2 pounds.

The contents did not disappoint! There were 12 of these burgundy blocks - well worth the $30 price of the box. It was apparent these were the unfinished projects from mystery quilter in Tacoma, Washington. A nod to her skill level, many notches higher than mine. I am thinking of finishing this quilt with a light grey border and sashing. 

Bonus item - a small piece that fit my settee like it was made for it.

There were also 6 yellow fans, 4 pink fans, 9 partial pink fans, assorted orphan blocks, partial projects and patchwork piecings. 

A gamble that paid off, I see a new quilt for me in my future!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Fabrics and Linens and Fa La La La La

One of the delights in buying mystery bags of fabric at thrift are finding remnants like this one from 2007 Seattle Bay Fabrics. I brought home two bags of fabric from the Pacific Northwest area. I will build an entire quilt around this print. Mystery quilter donated some companion fabric too. They are safe in a project bag now. 
This weekend, I took a chance on mystery linens at Goodwill. 
I don't think any of it is resell quality. I do think I can do something interesting with the cross-stitched and appliqued pieces. There is a blue cross-stitch pillow in the image I will be able to complete leaving out the flying clown lady in the pattern.

My annual Countdown to Christmas posts are being queued up. The hospice line of thrift shops in my area are releasing all of the holiday items for sale they have gathered throughout the year. Poor volunteers look like they already have holiday burnout!

This angel joined my collection. I adopt the orphan angels I find of this type. I will re-photograph her with her angel sisters. 
Reselling update: My goal is to list as many items as possible this weekend. EBay offered 500 fixed price or auction style listings for free. Whee, off we go~
Homemade apple pie and prime rib roast are on the agenda this weekend. It is Veteran's Day on Monday here in the states. I have more than one veteran in my life to celebrate!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Spicing it Up and House Hippos

The FB group of American Patchwork and Quilting has chosen No. 2 in the UFO Challenge. 

That is my Spice it Up quilt. I have been distracted by other projects NOW is the time to dive in. I have committed to the Atomic Starburst pattern with the pattern printed on Perfect Piecing paper (pattern image blocked out). 

There are 20 starbursts in the pattern, meaning I have to piece 40 half stars. If I can set a goal of just a couple of completed starbursts at each sitting, I will eventually get there. 

While I was out of town, I bought fabric, two bags from Value Village at $7.99 each. I used the fabric to pack the box I shipped home so it served two purposes, as packing material and now as part of my stash.  

Reselling update: The push is on now. Just like the retailers, the next two months will be the true test whether I will make my goal of $500 for the year. I have gathered some product to sell. New listings will include batches of Barbie clothes. 

Finally, I know I have come late to the game regarding house hippos. First mention of them was on the FB group Weird Secondhand Finds that Need to be Shared. A Canadian PSA didn't air in the U.S. and it is adorable! You will have to Google "house hippos Canadian PSA," I have tried to embed the video but it keeps disappearing. It is rumored it had to be pulled because children believed there are house hippos.

I found my ceramic one that is just loaded with personality. 

Sunday, November 3, 2019

All the Mr. had to mention was "baby."

A young couple the Mr. knows through teaching recently had a baby girl. He casually mentioned that they might like a quilt. It was the perfect rest and restoration for me from being out of town all week. Baby quilts are an easy size to work with, the quilting uncomplicated. 
The crib sized flannel quilt top had been partially completed. I also used a flannel backing. This one measures 49" x 55". I haven't put together a baby quilt in over two years. 

Linking up with Michelle at Michelle's Romantic Tangle for Let's Make Baby Quilts and Wendy at for the Peacock Party. 

Next year's Halloween costume for me will be a mermaid. I found this half off thrift formal dress for $2.25. I will add some applique embellishments and beading. 

My out of town finds were a wooden duck decoy ($2.24), 30 CDs, all old rock and soul for 25 cents each. Itsy bitsy mom had a few jackets I will see if they are accepted for trade at the clothing exchange. If not, I will try to sell them online. 

My newest germ of an idea for my 2020 fair competition quilt is based on a 1919 cubist painting. My source images are done, next pulling a fabric pallet.