Relationship with clothes - it's complicated

Because of my sewist background, I have always been a "fix it" kind of gal. Hand beading, garment altering, and general repairs have been part of my repertoire for years. This link I also shared on FB, a wonderful article on making do:

The past few months I have re-thrifting my clothing. Actually, my first step has been to take my garments to a clothing reseller. Of those garments that are not accepted, I then list on Ebay. If those garment don't sell, I then thrift them back. 

I am experiencing regret over donating some retro books. Luckily, I kept some images but not the entire contents. I go through phases where I try to pair down my "stuff." I used to redonate the bulk of my castoffs but now I list things first on EBay. 

Reselling update: I discovered Jason through a FB group called The Thrifting Board. This video of his poses the question, "Do you have 50 unused items around your house?"
I finished watching his video and the next day I found one of the BOLOs (be on the lookout for), this Cranium Cadoo game. It is only a booster pack so I will see if I can find the entire game and bundle them.
I am queuing up my Countdown to Christmas posts. This year will be an abbreviated version, perhaps half as many but just as much fun!

Thanksgiving celebration is in full swing with the turkey out of the oven and the potato casserole going in. Wishing you a peaceful day!


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