Thursday, November 7, 2019

Spicing it Up and House Hippos

The FB group of American Patchwork and Quilting has chosen No. 2 in the UFO Challenge. 

That is my Spice it Up quilt. I have been distracted by other projects NOW is the time to dive in. I have committed to the Atomic Starburst pattern with the pattern printed on Perfect Piecing paper (pattern image blocked out). 

There are 20 starbursts in the pattern, meaning I have to piece 40 half stars. If I can set a goal of just a couple of completed starbursts at each sitting, I will eventually get there. 

While I was out of town, I bought fabric, two bags from Value Village at $7.99 each. I used the fabric to pack the box I shipped home so it served two purposes, as packing material and now as part of my stash.  

Reselling update: The push is on now. Just like the retailers, the next two months will be the true test whether I will make my goal of $500 for the year. I have gathered some product to sell. New listings will include batches of Barbie clothes. 

Finally, I know I have come late to the game regarding house hippos. First mention of them was on the FB group Weird Secondhand Finds that Need to be Shared. A Canadian PSA didn't air in the U.S. and it is adorable! You will have to Google "house hippos Canadian PSA," I have tried to embed the video but it keeps disappearing. It is rumored it had to be pulled because children believed there are house hippos.

I found my ceramic one that is just loaded with personality. 

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