Fabrics and Linens and Fa La La La La

One of the delights in buying mystery bags of fabric at thrift are finding remnants like this one from 2007 Seattle Bay Fabrics. I brought home two bags of fabric from the Pacific Northwest area. I will build an entire quilt around this print. Mystery quilter donated some companion fabric too. They are safe in a project bag now. 
This weekend, I took a chance on mystery linens at Goodwill. 
I don't think any of it is resell quality. I do think I can do something interesting with the cross-stitched and appliqued pieces. There is a blue cross-stitch pillow in the image I will be able to complete leaving out the flying clown lady in the pattern.

My annual Countdown to Christmas posts are being queued up. The hospice line of thrift shops in my area are releasing all of the holiday items for sale they have gathered throughout the year. Poor volunteers look like they already have holiday burnout!

This angel joined my collection. I adopt the orphan angels I find of this type. I will re-photograph her with her angel sisters. 
Reselling update: My goal is to list as many items as possible this weekend. EBay offered 500 fixed price or auction style listings for free. Whee, off we go~
Homemade apple pie and prime rib roast are on the agenda this weekend. It is Veteran's Day on Monday here in the states. I have more than one veteran in my life to celebrate!


You might be surprised about selling some of the linens. Some people cut them up and make quilts or garments with them.
moosecraft said…
I would list those linens. Even as a lot (or group in similar) multiple lots... there is always somebody out there looking to turn "nothing" into "something fabulous"! Cute little angel...I think I would have brought her home too! :-)

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