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Learning Fashion Anlysis and Island Dreaming

I began my fashion analysis class today.  On site orientation took place with an audience of tiny fashion renderings and headless plastic torsos.  This is the first online class of its kind taught at American River College.   Our first assignment was to post on the discussion board, "What's My Style?" along with a full length photo ( from this post )    and a description of your style.  I believe I had died and gone to heaven! Earn college credits and do what I have been doing as a thrifted fashion blogger for the past 4 years?  Amazing.   It is no secret that I have been in an island kind of mood all summer.  It has been a virtual staycation though as I have never left the states.  Weekend thrift shopping scored a Chaps black and white skirt, another lei, a Lei Alaho Casual Hawaiian dress and at least 3 yards of a black cotton print ($8 total). Pattern of the Day features the maxi version of the Muu Muu. Hospice shopping I utilized my frequent

Partying on with Pink Saturday

It has been awhile since I have linked up with Beverly at howsweetthesound  for her Pink Saturday theme of anything goes! Close up of the skirt print My camera is still in absentia so the iPhone will have to do for this frazzle-haired look of a Fun Floral Friday.  Thrifted pieces include the Charter Club pink cashmere sweater, the island inspired necklace/lanyard and the Jones New York print skirt.  I am also joining  /  for her PINK 52 pick-me-up fashion prompt.  Thrift shop finds at Goodwill this week were this green JKLA jacket and straw hat (both for $7.99 each).  I will alter the jacket to remove the belt loops and I'm thinking of changing the lapels.  I will model this jacket with another find from my Vancouver trip. Update to the jacket, I removed the belt loops, folded in the elf lapel, tacked it down and embellished with pins I snagged was given from the mom.  The Coldwater Creek black polka dot with green piping sundre

The trailer quilt - log cabin style

What do you do when an August summer day climbs over 100 degrees?  Why, you cut pieces for a log cabin quilt.  I assembled the first square, now just 79 more to go.  *grins* When I first did that block I thought it looked too busy but it was actually to my advantage using different material for each section so I could use it as my guide.  As I prepare each block, I keep each strip sized the same with the like material.  I think the finished product will be easier on the eyes.   Using the chain piece method, these squares assemble relatively quickly.  My project took a turn to more color when I scored a $1 bag full of floral print quilt remnants. The squares are comprised of thrifted material from hunting/fishing and Hawaiian print shirts and Fort Bragg, California florals.  They will be complete after I add the 9-1/2 inch borders ( shown at the top of the image ).   Here are a few of the completed squares, a total of 76.  I am thinking of doing a diagonal s

Ready, set, go! A new career start

My job promotional theory has been proven correct - that to land a plum position with the State, one must gain multiple list eligibility and send out numerous applications.  I first posted about my job hunt in word-for-year , that word being "Ambition."  I had nearly given up hope of promoting and was going to stop my frenetic job search after two long years of applications and interviews.  This image was taken just prior to learning of my job promotion.  I must admit I did know that my references were being called so there was a good chance of an offer coming my way.  On September 1st, I will begin my new career with a focus in the scientific realm rather than the legal industry.  It is a position closest to one I left in the private industry, being the "face" of the office as the office manager and not having to deal with personnel issues.  Sweeet!   In an effort to show you my progress during this summer season of sewing, I am taking another run at the hunt

Four year Fashion Retrospective

Having been inspired by Patti of  Notdeadyetstyle posting a retrospective of how she has evolved with fashion, I thought it a perfect time and way to celebrate Year Four of my blog this month and my own fashion evolution from drab to fab.   YEAR 1 I began my blog thinking I shouldn't show my face but after awhile that seemed kind of silly.  YEAR 2 Tentative steps toward more color in my wardrobe. YEAR 3 The Traveling Yellow Skirt hit town and I was no longer afraid to wear color. YEAR 4 This camera-created image from 2014 is one of my favorites. Outfit posts and Fun Floral Fridays will resume in a few short weeks.   Bloggers that have inspired me to break out of my fashion rut are  Helgavontrollop Melanie from  Bagandaberet Dakota at  Sweetheart of the Rodeo I am drawn to the eclectic and unusual, they-broke-the-mold kind of personalities.   SpyGirl Anne posted this Facebook  fashion-design-contest-us-only  contest for the Brother Loves F