Monday, August 24, 2015

Learning Fashion Anlysis and Island Dreaming

I began my fashion analysis class today.  On site orientation took place with an audience of tiny fashion renderings and headless plastic torsos.  This is the first online class of its kind taught at American River College.  

Our first assignment was to post on the discussion board, "What's My Style?" along with a full length photo (from this post)  and a description of your style.  I believe I had died and gone to heaven! Earn college credits and do what I have been doing as a thrifted fashion blogger for the past 4 years?  Amazing.  

It is no secret that I have been in an island kind of mood all summer.  It has been a virtual staycation though as I have never left the states.  Weekend thrift shopping scored a Chaps black and white skirt, another lei, a Lei Alaho Casual Hawaiian dress and at least 3 yards of a black cotton print ($8 total).

Pattern of the Day features the maxi version of the Muu Muu.

Hospice shopping I utilized my frequent buyer card and spent around $3 for the lot of two books, a Paris Las Vegas lavender t-shirt, bag of Barbie clothes, a black shag wig and piggy tablecloth weights. 

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