Saturday, September 5, 2015

The interview suit and rogue blogging

Having survived my first week at my new job and my fashion analysis class assignment being to post an "interview suit" image, I have one of my thrift shop finds as a go-to classic - an Anne Klein skirt suit.  

I finally found the bulk of my scanned-in pattern images.  I lost the folder on my backup drive, having saved the folder within another folder of pictures.  Has that ever happened to you?  

Here would be an interview suit ala 1967 Pattern of the Day.

On the blogging front, it seems it is harder to make money as a full-time blogger.  I ran across an article in The Altantic Can mommy-bloggers still make money?  I enjoy blogging and would find it hard to bend to a corporate sponsor's demands.  My niche would be hard to categorize - I don't sell anything or link to any specific organizations.  Guess you could call me a rogue blogger.  *grins*

Quilt posts will be updated soon having this Labor Day weekend time to finish up a couple of projects.  

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