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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Alleyway Sacramento Murals

Two more somewhat hidden murals in a Sacramento alleyway between J and K streets are highlighted in this post. 

I taught myself how to use the Visio program in Office 365. Actually, I learned just enough to be dangerous, and will go through online tutorials to get a grasp of the program. 

Reseller update: Had to do it - a bulk edit of all of my eBay listings and raised prices by 5%. Not enough to keep up with inflation which has risen by 7%+. I also opted for automated feedback. I am terrible about keeping up with that. 

Update on the Blogging from A to Z Challenge in April - there is movement and it is going forward. The theme reveal is the one time of the year that I model a ball gown. I mean, where else could I wear something like that? Placeholder posts have been set up so I can take the month of March to complete and refine them. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

More Sacramento Murals and Populating the Cubicle

In my quest to discover more Sacramento murals, I discovered these two on L Street. 

Little did I expect my return to work would be back to 100% full time in office. My first full week put me to the point of exhaustion - 12 hour days adding in the commute. 

I like to populate my work area with thrifted items, and my newest purchase was this $10 clock from Goodwill. Also not pictured was a mirror on a chrome stand, also from Goodwill at $6.50. Stand mirrors are positioned in cubicles so you can see someone approaching from behind you. 

After I did some online shopping, I determined I would spend at least $50 to buy a zoomy clock and pay shipping costs. Goodwill in Sacramento came through for me. 

Reseller update: One of the advantages of dealing in the categories that I sell on eBay means I can attend yard sales and estate sales late and still find product. On my way home late afternoon, I ran into a yard sale with the "free" sign and items out front. There were 5 saleable cookbooks, a bag of clothing (half I can gain clothing points, half just throwaways), and a reproduction small glass milk carton. 

I am taking a hiatus from my three month listing bonanza. I still have lots of product queued up - over 100 sewing patterns, 20-30 books, and the ever present CDs. I have even kicked around the idea of pulling my patterns from my personal collection, the really old ones, the little packets of money just waiting in the wings. 

Lastly, I picked up another abstract, this one quite large. $14 at a local Goodwill. It needs a hanging wire, and I actually positioned it on its side.

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Little Yellow Flowers and a Gift of Fabric

A very happy succulent that I had replanted has flowered for the first time. 

Being a frequent visitor to my favorite hospice thrift shop, I am able to obtain delightful items just rolled on to the store's floor. This visit I grabbed 2 patchwork pieced quilt tops, some fairy print fabric, and a bolt of smiling dolphin fabric. The red rectangle flimsy is well-constructed and showcases numerous fabrics. When my Baby Lock is out of sewing machine prison, I can add some borders to that red-inspired beauty from mystery quilter. 

This smaller flimsy is bold and bright. If I decide to keep it, I would add borders.

When my current bolt of forest deer fabric print is gone, I will use the dolphins on my eBay orders. 

One advantage of my new job is that I can use my own laptop for remote work. The touch screen feature and backlit keys on the keyboard are must haves for me. On my first week, 2 day in office, I found an abstract acrylic on canvas $10 at Goodwill that now graces my new cubicle.

I also brought in my mans-shirt-repurposed quilt, a creation from 2015. The image below is a piece of that deconstructed shirt. 

At my 2015 work space, I used the quilt to cover an ugly and conspicuous hole in the cubicle wall. 

It now hangs vertically in my current work space. 

I can't wait to see what will spring from my new thrifted pieces of fabric!