Monday, January 7, 2013

Visible Monday and the upcoming Traveling Yellow Skirt Freak Show

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Showcasing today's frock on Visible Monday hosted by notdeadyetstyle.  It is a subdued Monday for me.

Jones New York Navy Blue Jacket
Banana Republic Platinum Shirt
Koret paisley print skirt
(all previous thrift shop finds)

The weekend's thrift shop finds were this professionally framed print of vase full of flowers ($6.50).  I thought it was headed for my office at work, but it landed in one of the rooms in the house.

A NWT platinum Banana Republic short-sleeved collared shirt ($4.50) AND finally some cashmere, a Charter Club long sleeved pullover ($4.50).  

This Fio lime green sweater ($4.50) and Insane Clown Posse belt (50 cents) are in preparation for the Traveling Yellow Skirt Freak Show instituted by bagandaberet.  While I am not a fan of ICP's music, I think they've chosen a great name.  

H O W    I T    W O R K S
  1. Request the skirt by email to the current skirt-holder, who will announce its next stop.
  2. If you like, alter the skirt with paint, sewing, markers or other means. Please try not to shorten the skirt much because the length is part of its charm, and please maintain the skirt's flexible sizing. 
  3. Post a photo of yourself in or with the skirt as real wear or inspirational wear and I shall post a photo here too as part of a Global Compilation (GC).
  4. If you are REALLY inspired, post a short video clip of you twirling or dancing in the skirt so "Just Bad Enough," my art project band with Sandra, can include it in a "music video" GC.
  5. Announce who the next skirt-holder will be on your blog. If you do not receive any requests, it will be time for the skirt to fly home to me.
You can put the logo below (or in my sidebar) in your blog if you'd like.
(the woman is modeled after Sarah)

Yes - my yellow skirt is flying around the world and it wants YOU to style her as part of a I-surrender-to-positivity celebration. The globe-trekking was Sarah's idea (from Misfits Vintage) and I think it's too much fun. Plus it's much easier than mailing a gnome - or myself considering how gnomish I look.

1. Sarah@Misfits Vintage – Australia

2. Helga@HELGA von TROLLOP – New Zealand

I believe Edie Pop is up next, then Me and then Amber of butaneanvil.


  1. Hello--love your outfit and your finds!!!

    I'm eventually supposed to get the skirt-I can't WAIT!!

    1. I am chomping at the bit too - I have all sorts of poses in mind. Sooo looking forward to all of the blogger's interpretations of the skirt.

  2. Fabulous finds! Love that lime green top. Thanks for sharing all the joy with Visible Monday : >

  3. Wonderful, Tami!!! Though today's skirt isn't The Incredible Travelling Yellow, you've put together a really lovely look, and that lime-green sweater is very cool.

    There is so much excitement and interest in The Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show - after me, it's already been spoken for in order by at least three fabulous bloggers that I know of! What an amazing storyline arc, this international caper!

  4. O'love that print you scored!
    Woohoo, that skirt's on FIRE! XXX

  5. Great finds! I love old hats, and wear them every chance I get!

  6. Really chic outfit. I can hardly wait to see what you do with the yellow skirt!

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  8. Fun finds and you look fab! The yellow skirt freak show is so fun, it reminded me of some blogs I haven't been to in a few weeks!

  9. What a great idea -- and I love the shots of the yellow skirt wearers so far. :)

  10. I love the traveling skirt idea. I love your finds this week. :-)

  11. You sure did score some great stuff:-) It's no wonder you kept that framed print for your house!!

  12. Fun! Looks like you found yourself some fab finds!

  13. That old lady with the red beaning and yellow skirt is doing something right because I love her to bits! xx

  14. This is too much fun. Thanks for brightening up a cold winter afternoon.

  15. nice pics on the beach :) thanx for stopping by!

  16. Oh wow, how fun is that. I participated in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Apron, but a bright yellow it.
    Thanks for stopping by the shop. Still catching up on my Pink Sat. visits. Saved you a seat on that pink beach buggy. ;)

  17. Kind of like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, huh? Funky skirt looks good!

  18. Hello, Great finds! I am enjoying the BYB tour and hope you are too! Have a great valentines day ;)

  19. A skirt that you'll always feel sunny in. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  20. This is such a super idea....I love it. BTW, darling girl, you can do anything you please for Celebrate long as we don't get arrested for it. Last year I wrote a multi installment story....lots of writers, lots of artists, lots of tea party folks, lot of everything when we celebrate oz - aLTerED oZ....
    I'm adding your name to the list. Welcome. Come have fun on March 15th. I'm looking forward to you being on the yellow brick road with us. Oma Linda

  21. You commented on my blog at feel LOVD everyday and I have to share with you that your comment is one of the most beautiful I have ever received. Thank you for such a wonderful quote about flowers. I can clearly see your heart is so kind. LOVD tidings, Lilly

  22. Love your beautiful painting. Such pretty colors in it!!

  23. Looks like you're a great thrift shopper! I have to admit I'm always completely overwhelmed when I shop. But my daughter's a pro--she helps me and I come home with wonderful finds.

  24. Some good buys, thanks for the visit. What was your A?

    Got B written for tomorrow and in que

  25. You found some great stuff! I love the traveling skirt idea too. Thank you so much for your visit and kind comments. I am your newest follower ...

    Kathy M.
    Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy