Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pheasants and such

I rang in the New Year at a pheasant hunt club.  One of the rules of the club is one must wear an article of clothing above the waist that is flame orange. 

The mud boots are not quite hunting appropriate - but hey a girl's gotta look good even if you are just trudging around a field.

A pheasant in flight trying to escape its sure destiny.

Mr. VZ "whoa-ing" Zipper to the pheasant sauntering along.    

Zipper holding point.

Bringing home dinner.  

This club offers the service of plucking and cleaning the pheasants.  Mr. VZ brought one in still alive.  The lady at the counter asked him if he could "do something about that" so he said he would "expedite it."  The counter lady asked "what does that mean?"  I piped up, "It means he is going to kill it."  Now, I can't help but  think when a poor fish or fowl has died, it has been expedited.
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