Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You Better Put Out - Day 5 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

You better put out .. the fire!  The 30M2D topic and link to the participants, well, you know..

I did stumble across an article published by the New York Observer on January 28, 2013 entitled The-luxury-rental-girlfriend.  It is about putting out, or not putting out, or kinda putting out.  I don't know, I'm confused by it all and I'm put out.

After the Cheese Bar

"Cheddar, I hate to tell you this but Romano and I are back to together," Gruyere said.  

"What?"  Cheddar cried, "It has only been four days since we met!"  

"Things move fast in the cheese world, with all of the melting and drizzling going on."  Gruyere replied.  "Besides, you just weren't ..... putting out."  

"How can you say that?  I am one of the most popular cheeses.  We even talked about making cheese puffs together," Cheddar sniffled.  

Gruyere said, "Sorry, Cheddar, I never promised you a cheese danish."  
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