Thursday, February 21, 2013

Last Train - Day 21 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

The 30M2D writing challenge topic is "Last Train" and here is my submission.  Link to the participants who may or may not have taken the last train out.

Last Train

The unthinkable had happened.  Weapons of mass destruction had hit the Eastern seaboard.  Those living on the outer perimeter of the strikes still had a option to leave the area or stay.  

Luke looked at Laura.  They were two of the many survivors of the strike that missed New York, but they didn't know that fact yet.  All communications were down.  So many thoughts were swirling in their minds.  "Are our friends and family safe?  How can we contact them?  Who is responsible for these attacks? What do we do now?"  

They had actually talked about this scenario before.  One of those "what if" games they played with their friends over a game of cards and a bottle of wine. 

They both knew there was that train, the Adirondack that traveled from New York's Penn Station with a stop in Albany with its final destination in Montreal.  It was touted as one of the 10 most scenic train rides in the world.  Scenery was the last thing on their minds at that moment.  

Luke asked Laura, "Should we do it?  Should we take the train?"  

"I don't know - maybe we should try to see if our friends can join us."  

"I don't think there is time, you know, it's now or never."  

They were inside Penn Station and heard the announcement ~


They looked at each other, the decision had been made, they held hands and headed for the Adirondack.
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