Monday, February 18, 2013

Home At Last - Day 18 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

Home At Last - the 30M2D Writing Challenge topic.  Link to the other participants who are heading home..

Home at last - that is what Zipper Von Zalez thinks after Mr. VZ hauls her out of the house for one of his hyperactive hunting excursions.  These events are full-day walking, hunting, shooting and retrieving marathons.  She will flop to the floor, accompanied with a huge groan, after her return.

We get the same reaction after we take Zipper out on the boat with us for ocean fishing.  Poor thing, I don't think she will ever adjust to the motion of the boat.  "She's a sea dog!"  Mr. VZ will holler.  "She'll get used to it."  I have my doubts ... on the last foray of the season, that involved some choppy seas, the first thing she did when she hit the dock and blessed land, was she ralphed on the marina's plank walkway.


A little back story on the Zipper Von Zalez - Mr. VZ traveled from California to Montana to buy a hunting dog from a breeder.  Zipper, along with the other dogs for sale, were chained to individual posts, spaced far enough apart so the dogs couldn't reach other.  All of the other dogs had fouled the area they were chained in, except for one dog - Zipper.  She had eliminated in one spot, as far as her chain could reach, and the rest of her area was bare dirt.  Mr. VZ knew that was the dog for him.

When Zipper arrived home, she was not socialized.  She had never been inside of a house, and it was our intent to have her as an inside dog.  She cowered in the corner and did not know what to think of us.

Now, many years later, Zipper rules the roost, she is home at last (and that, my friends, is my promised "dog" post).  This cartoon pretty much sums up my dog's existence ~

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