Thursday, February 7, 2013

Texting - Day 7 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

Texting - the 30M2D Challenge topic and link to the other texters.

I am a reluctant texter.  I have always preferred communicating by phone or in person.  Seemingly, most under 30 years of age, prefer to communicate by text and that includes my children.  You can call - no answer.  You can snail mail - no answer.  You can message through Facebook or Skype - no answer.  But send a text and the hallelujah gates open and there appears to magical entity you have tried to establish contact with [fill in the blank] number of days.

I think it sends the message - I'll get back to you, you aren't important enough for me to communicate with right now.  Kind of like selective listening - you know, that thing you do with your partner.  They are yammering on and on and you are kind of listening, ok, you aren't listening at all, until your partner demands your full attention.  NOW I'm listening.

Texting is fraught with unknown word dangers and missteps.  Damn You Autocorrect is texting gone wrong (the link is also to DYAC's best of), here are a couple of examples:

funny auto-correct texts - The 18 Best Autocorrects Of November 2012

funny auto-correct texts - The 18 Best Autocorrects Of November 2012

Oh, wait, I've got a text ... I think I'll ignore it.
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