Monday, February 4, 2013

Friendship - Day 4 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

Friendship - 30M2D topic.  I would like to talk about bloggy friends, little did I know there was such a supportive and fun-loving community of onliners.  Link to my writing challenge friendseys.

Did you know there are bloggy boot camps?  The SITS girls hold a bloggy boot camp, with the next ones being held in Las Vegas, Nevada and Charlotte, North Carolina.

bloggy boot camp
bloggy boot camp

Those conferences look like they would be a blast.  SITS Girls also posted 4 Reasons To Attend-a-blog-conference, one of them being:

IRL Bloggy Friends

"Blog friends are real, even if you only know each other through commenting on each others’ blogs and tweeting one another.  But when you get to actually meet those same bloggers in real life, it’s a whole different level of connecting. The best part is you already know so much about each other that it feels like seeing them again instead of for the first time.  In addition to the bloggers you already know from online, you’ll meet bloggers totally new to you as well and expand your tribe. Plus, there is nothing quite like being in a roomful of people who get it when it comes to this blogging gig."

If attending one bloggy conference isn't enough, there is another scheduled in July through

BlogHer '13

Back to my writing challenge topic of "Friendship."  When I began my blog, I did with the thought that it would be fun to post my thrift shop finds.  I thought maybe a few people will read my blog and share my love of thrifting.  It is only when I started participating in hops and challenges that I started to meet other delightful bloggers.  Having a blog has proven to be more than I ever imagined and I hope to meet even more friends in the future.
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