Friday, February 15, 2013

Or Else - Day 15 30M2D Writing Challenge Topic

"Or Else" - the 30M2D writing challenge topic and link to the other or elsers.

I had a totally different fun-filled post queued up for today - a baby doll mugshot and Friday's Frock, a couple of jokes thrown in and a link to Nicky's vlog where she spoke French and her adorable son did the usual things boys do in the background while mom is trying to talk ~

But the "or else" happened to me today - I was in a car accident.  Not just a "oops, sorry I scratched your bumper" kind of accident, this was a Tami driving to work on a sunny Sacramento morning and another person, we suspect talking on a cell phone while driving kind of person, ran a red a red light, T-boned my car and landed me in the hospital.

It was a morning filled with:

We should transport you with a collar and on a board in the ambulance (or else) ~
We better take x-rays (or else) ~
Why don't we take a few samples (or else)?
We better go and get the items out of the car being stored in the tow yard in Del Paso Heights (or else).

X-rays showed the ribs on my left side are cracked.  Doctor said, "We really can't treat that condition, and if you bind the area, you could develop pneumonia, or something else ..."

I know those two words all too well today.

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