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It is official, I have SABLED - quilt fabric Stash Accumulation Beyond Lifetime Expectancy. I just came into possession of a copy box full of fabric for $40. Mainly lavendars and Christmas fabric, I am happy I have enough for numerous projects. I was in town for the mom angiogram and she mentioned there was a lady in her mobile home park that had come into possession of a quilter's stash. It all went down like a illegal trade, we popped by her house unannounced, went into a back room, and at first she said she didn't have any material left. She had second thoughts and decided to part with her lavendars. A few moments later, an entire box of Christmas fabric appeared, she was willing to part with that. Mom inquired who it was that gave her all the fabric but the fabric hoarder stasher wouldn't give up that info.  One thing I have discovered and find quite humorous, is the fabric obsession quilters seem to have or at least acquire. My goal has always been to acquire

Where in the World is Cupid

Concluding the story began on this post  Lost-and-found-and-fortune-teller . Madame Fortune Teller had decided to accompany Rag Tag man on his search for Cupid. The gods of the netherworld wanted Cupid back, especially for Valentine's Day, where he was needed most. The two in search of Cupid morphed through the magical mirror to the underworld. Who else could be holding Cupid hostage? There were the usual suspects, Lucifer and his legion of demons, but what could they possibly want with a little nymph man armed only with love tinged arrows?  Maybe Cupid decided to go on a bender. He had been at this love business since eternity began. Maybe Cupid was looking for Ms. Cupid? It is possible he accidentally fell onto one of his own love arrows. Did he take out a personal ad or post an online profile? Cupid - avoids walks on the beach and direct sunlight, is constantly armed, prefers punctures over bites and is clothing optional. Back to the business at hand, Madame and Ra

Putting on the Pendleton

I am joining up on Visible Monday with Notdeadyetstyle  to showcase an armload of clothing thrift shop finds for less than $20! Pendleton jacket Chartreus t-shirt Bobbie Brooks gray pants (thrifted) Ahnu tennis shoes (retail) First up is this Pendleton lightweight jacket, I was thrilled to score for $1. Sometimes the volunteers don't know what they are pricing and it was $1 men's shirt day, this lil darling-a medium ladies shirt  jacket. The Royal Robbins polyester dress was also on the dollar rack.  As a Seattle native, this Space Needle t-shirt was of particular interest to me, behind it a Joanna polyester black and white polka dot shirt.  Danny & Nicole dress will join my Fun Floral Friday collection and this Metro Style button up collared shirt is right on trend, I am seeing a lot of this orange color.   Still adding to my t-shirt collection, no reason to pass them up at $1 each.  My adult daughter said her boss told her she ne

Lost and Found and the Fortune Teller

One of my favorite activities is to combine blog hops, the more diverse the better, but my search was in vain this year, lost in the ether that is the blogosphere. I dug down in the Tami archive to revive a character that could and should make an appearance in this Lost-and-found-blog-hop . The Fortune Teller appeared a couple of years ago in another blog hop. Her story continues ... Madame Fortune Teller, as she preferred to be known in the traveling circus, didn't intend to make a career of reading Tarot cards but she came to enjoy the camaraderie of clan. They were the last of the modern day gypsies. She could come and go as she pleased, no one need tell her when to take a break, or how to wear her hair. There was a freedom in not being corporate. Besides, she was still young, plenty of time to plan for retirement. Her day was proceeding along with the usual readings and common questions, "Will I meet someone?" or "Is there money in my futur