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Violet blue block and unicorns on the way

October color prompt for the 2018 Monthly Color Challenge is violet blue. Linking up with . I took put together this 9 patch with remnant materials that came through thrift. Hard to believe there are only two months left in the year.  For this month's block, I wanted to do a unicorn and found a few examples I could loosely follow. I wasn't able to complete it in time for this month, am hoping for next.    Going along with my upcoming unicorn block, I found this framed unicorn cross stitch. A $2.50 find I couldn't pass up.  The new belt for my Morse arrived in time for weekend sewing. I finally purchased a Supreme Slider, touted as a nifty quilting tool to aid in free motion quilting.  The Art with Fabric blog hop is coming up next month. I have a quilt top patterned after a 1960s abstract art composition. Here is the scheduled lineup: Monday, November 5th, 2018 Heather: Tami:  https://th

Zombie bride refashion

Spooky lead-off image The first part of my zombie bride refashion came from a kit, a $2 thrift shop find. Much to my dismay, the costume had shrunk  overnight ( or  I am not a medium-sized costume wearer ). So I thinks to myself, "I've got this, I can just refashion a dress," and off to Thrift Town I went. Lovely lace gown $11 TT  I removed the sleeves from the kit costume and affixed them to the gown (pinned in this picture).   Next, I sewed the overdress portion of the kit to the gown.  The veil is draped over one shoulder, the poison pin on the other. When I first bought the poison pin, I thought, "What are you doing? WHY would you ever wear this pin?" I'm so glad I did and didn't listen to my frugal self. It is a perfect Halloween piece. Zombie bride didn't win the state department costume contest as a talented seamstress co-worker has won for the third year in a row.   In the meantime, my kitten didn't know what

Golden Threads Quilt Show

MLQG's 7th Quilt Show Golden Threads took place the first weekend in October.  The event was split between two small venues in Sutter Creek, California. Lighting was challenging for photographing quilts. There were a couple of raffles, a few vendors and a silent auction. Kathy Allen, a featured quilter, presented on her Modern Scot Patchwork.  Thrift shop find of the day - this angel, Italian ceramic from 1971, marked $1 and in the half off holiday items. I also found some other Christmas items I will highlight in December. 

Painted Ladies and Thrift Shop Interior Redesign

Done in counted cross-stitch. My latest thrift shop find now hangs in my front room. Hard to photograph with it being under glass, it is even prettier in person. It has found its forever home. I could see this piece hanging anywhere in a house.  Paid $5.50, signed in thread by Cindy 1991 I belong to a group on Facebook called Weird thrift store finds that need to be shared and one topic that came up was: Is anyone besides me fond of rearranging things in a thrift store? For example, if I see two blue objects on a shelf together, I'll add another blue item or two next to them. I once located several heart-shaped items (figurines, dishes, etc.) and put them together in a little display on a shelf as I was wandering around shopping. X>D I wonder what the employees thought when they found it. Seems there are quite a few thrift shoppers that like to rearrange things:  Hey...thrift store interior redesign is a legit hobby...we have healthier minds when we attempt order fr