Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Traveling Yellow Skirt has arrived in Sacramento, California.

YES!  I have waited patiently (and no so patiently) for the skirt to be sent my way ... I have been thrift shopping and image collecting to prepare for this post.  To be included with the likes of the previous TYS wearers is an honor (as I hold a fashion award and wipe away imaginery tears).

This is a skirt that DEMANDS bold pieces and accessories, it is a whole lotta skirt.  Without further ado, I present The Traveling Yellow Skirt ~

The first image was captured along the riverfront walkway with Sacramento's tower bridge in the background.  I had so much fun with this photo shoot.  Does it come across that I am happy to be alive?  I hope so, because that was my thought at that moment.

This second image is my fashion mag shot - I love the lighting, the outfit, and the industrial background with a touch of elegance.
Outfit details
Fio green acrylic ruffled sweater (thrifted)
Insane Clown Posse belt (thrifted)
Traveling Yellow Skirt (via Melanie at Bag and a Beret)

I added the pink flower with camo background (a nod to my blog moniker, Thrift Shop Commando), salvaged from a poorly constructed garment.

There is even a TYS Barbie!

Look what landed in a recent issue of Harper's Bazaar.  Right on trend and an iteration of the TYS (Alla Kostromichova by Erik Madigan Heck).

A nod to those previous skirt wearers ~ the instigator of TYSFS, Melanie of Bag and a Beret.  M'kay so I cheated a little, this is not the post of her wearing the skirt but I just ADORE this image.

The fashionistas, in order of appearance, Sarah, brainchild of the TYSFS, at Misfits Vintage (Australia)

Helga Von Trollop (New Zealand)

Edie Pop Factory Mom (Italy)

H O W    I T    W O R K S
  1. Request the skirt by email to the current skirt-holder, who will announce its next stop.
  2. If you like, alter the skirt with paint, sewing, markers or other means. Please try not to shorten the skirt much because the length is part of its charm, and please maintain the skirt's flexible sizing. 
  3. Post a photo of yourself in or with the skirt as real wear or inspirational wear and I shall post a photo here too as part of a Global Compilation (GC).
  4. If you are REALLY inspired, post a short video clip of you twirling or dancing in the skirt so "Just Bad Enough," my art project band with Sandra, can include it in a "music video" GC.
  5. Announce who the next skirt-holder will be on your blog. If you do not receive any requests, it will be time for the skirt to fly home to Melane at Bag and A Beret.
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