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Preparing posts and thrift shop finds

I have been composing my posts in anticipation for the upcoming 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing challenge on February 1st.  Prompts such as "liar" and "social media" have me stumped - I'm trying to be creative.  The challenge came at a perfect time.  When I have down time at work, I draft my posts the low tech way, handwriting them. In the meantime, the commando thrift shopping continues!  I spent less than $10 at the hospice thrift shop for the paisley scarf ($1.50), the High Sierra black pants ($2.50), the Just Cashmere *sings the word* by Forte brown v-neck pullover ($2.50), the Collecting Art on a Shoestring ($1.50) (pub. 1969) and a 5x7 frame (not pictured, 50 cents).  I lurv it when the pricers tag a cashmere sweater (no holes, no pilling) at $2.50! I began preparing for the A to Z Blogging Challenge in November by scanning images related to the alpha letters.  In the 2013 challenge, I had the majority of my posts written about a month before but for

Grow Your Blog hop

Since many that link up with vicki-2bagsfull  for this hop are accomplished artisans in the fiber arts realm, I admit I am sewing challenged.  I have a sewing machine but it sits unused, I prefer hand stitchery, even though it is time-consuming.  This is my second year participating, link to last year's  grow-your-blog-hop-and-fridays-frock . My readers know that I delight in posting images from 60's publications.  This little Sew It and Wear It  (pub. 1966) was in the discard pile of a rural library. I can just hear the peals of laughter from the more accomplished of you out there.  Stay with me, there is more fabric art eye candy to follow. The next two images are from the BHG Patchwork & Quilting 1977 publication.  The patchwork curtain appeals to me as hippy cute. And on to more complex sewing projects - images from The McCall's Book of Quilts  (1975) . This Bear Paw quilt is on my "wish" list. Sunshine and Shadow (or Trip

A few of my favorite things

One of my favorite things - the color turquoise.  Mis Papelicos share-in-style  posted the fashion prompt calendar for the next six months and January's prompt is "favorite color."  Since I have already posted purple in purple-royale  and the Pantone color of the year of radiant orchid in mad-for-plaid , turquoise it is!  The entire outfit is thrifted from the hairclip to the glasses, the earrings and the necklace, the shirt, jacket and skirt. The shoes were retail and yes, the heel of the shoe sunk into the ground. The gang at We Work for Cheese back-by-popular-demand  is launching into the Third Second Annual 30 Minus Two Days of Writing for February.  This no-rules writing challenge is one of the blogging highlights for my year and counts as another of my favorite things. A ton of b***ching and moaning goes on with these prompts and well, see for yourself. here-we-go-again Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, here are the themes:

Baby Doll Mugshots and upcoming events

The first BD mugshot post of the year showcases baby dolls from the Tacoma Washington Goodwill store offered through  I highlight these dollies because each of them appeal to me, there is a story there, a history that could be told. I have been thrift shopping but the majority of my finds have been in preparation for 2014 fashion or Countdown to Kitschmas posts.  With Christmas items at 75% off in the thrift shops, treasures can be found for next to nothing!  I pack up my new finds with ornaments from year's past and delight in their discovery again at year end.   The upcoming blog hop this month is with Vicki at .  Signups are open until January 15th - still time to join in!   I have also been preparing posts for the blogging from  a-to-zchallenge  in April 2014.  It will be my second year of participating and Year Five for the blog challenge.  Signups for that event begin on January 27th. Having started a new job a

Top Ten Posts for 2013

I've been muddling my way through Google Analytics.  Just for kicks and giggles, I ran a report for my Top Ten Posts for 2013. Numero Uno was a Top Ten Movie Countdown through Ninja Alex, a AtoZ Challenge blogger. ninja-captain-alexs-top-ten-movie .  It is far and away my most visited post.  Maybe because I mention a mumbling Marlon Brando in the Last Tango in Paris? Coming in at second is a personal favorite  the-traveling-yellow-skirt-has-arrived .  The Traveling Yellow Skirt Freak Show is still taking place.  The latest to model the same is . Numero tres is a linkup with Patti at Not Dead Yet Style AND a writing challenge prompt of "Fact or Fiction."  I revealed more than one fact about myself  visible-monday-and-fact-or-fiction-day . Passion-for-fashion , another of my personal favorites, comes in at number 4. Last year about this time of year, I was trudging about a field following Mr.