Friday, January 24, 2014

Grow Your Blog hop

Since many that link up with vicki-2bagsfull for this hop are accomplished artisans in the fiber arts realm, I admit I am sewing challenged.  I have a sewing machine but it sits unused, I prefer hand stitchery, even though it is time-consuming.  This is my second year participating, link to last year's grow-your-blog-hop-and-fridays-frock.

My readers know that I delight in posting images from 60's publications.  This little Sew It and Wear It (pub. 1966) was in the discard pile of a rural library.

I can just hear the peals of laughter from the more accomplished of you out there.  Stay with me, there is more fabric art eye candy to follow.

The next two images are from the BHG Patchwork & Quilting 1977 publication.  The patchwork curtain appeals to me as hippy cute.

And on to more complex sewing projects - images from The McCall's Book of Quilts (1975).

This Bear Paw quilt is on my "wish" list.

Sunshine and Shadow (or Trip Around the World/Grandma's Dream) Amish Quilt

Radiant Sunburst (description states "A challenge for the expert seamstress only!")
I won't be tackling this one any time soon ...

Can I have the farmhouse in the background too?  

Don't hesitate to check out the other (nearly 600) Grow Your Blog participants.  

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