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The Colts quilt

Just in time for the football season, a man-sized lap quilt! Center piece was free motion quilted When the Mr.'s daughter dropped by for a visit, she brought some remnants I could make into a quilt for her and her husband. She wanted grey and white with the Indianapolis Colts fabric. No amazing shots in the wild for this one, too hot outside.   The quilts I give to friends and family are part of my legacy. Here is a link to a well-written post  leave-quilts-not-fabric . She chose a cotton batting and said she wanted "soft," to me that meant flannel backing. I had finished my last few quilts that way and it is fast becoming my preferred method. I figured that type of fabric would be half off this time of year and found the perfect one, tie-dyed horses and a smattering of plaid.  Winding the backing onto the baseboard The binding I used were 2" precut strips from a Coastal Beacons quilt kit. The finished binding looks more like piping when it is cut that sm

It's my Blogiversary! Seven years and still going strong.

Hideeeho internets, it is my Blogiversary. This show on heels began on August 2011.  My initial posts highlighted thrifted finds and fashion combined. I then linked up with bloggers of a certain age modeling their ensembles, mine always secondhand. I also participated in online writing and photography challenges. A few years ago, I moved into the quilting realm and posted the possibilities one could make with thrifted fabric. Now, I participate in linkups, mainly fiber-art related.  Second version This being my first attempt at the layer cake quilt block, I again Tami revised it.  farm-girl-layer-cake-block-quilt   While farm girl's block included more detail, I stripped it down. The 2018 Monthly Color Challenge August prompt was yellow/orange.  First version This is my newest favorite block. This has been a great challenge for me because I have the freedom to create these specialized ones. I find them either posted by other quilt bloggers or in quilt publications. 

I took the summer off

Admittedly, I didn't take all of the summer off because there was working in between it all. I did take time to just do nothing. There was no heavy-duty quilting, no summer college course, no summer novel reading. When you "do nothing" there is also nothing to post for the internets, so even my blog suffered.   Page view tallies intrigue me. I do know when I don't linkup with a certain quilt blogger, my page views plummet. That linkup blogger took the summer off too. Yet, a couple of days ago I was hovering around 50 page views per day and then it shot up to 400! I can never figure out what is going on. I assume someone has pointed others toward my blog or mentioned me somewhere.  I could attribute my summer attitude to our never-ending heat along with the addition of smoke from the Northern California wildfires. Being an escape-to-the-outdoors type of person, I languish indoors protecting my lungs and other organs affected by PM2.5 (particulate matter smaller tha