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Vancouver blogger meetup

My first blogger meetup was a resounding success.  The mom and I were ready for our first road trip with Vancouver being our destination.   There were plenty of events to choose from.  We chose to spend one day at Granville Island greeted by these painted cement fellas.   There were even pirate ships trolling in the harbor.   The best part was meeting the other bloggers.   Pao of  Projectminima Anne of  Spygirl-amb.blogspot Louisa of  Damselflys.blogspot Wendra of Suzanne of Melanie of  Bagandaberet Sheila of  Sheilaephemera Patti of  Notdeadyetstyle These were just a few of the attendees.  They are all even more delightful in person.  This will definitely be the first of many meetups I will try to attend.  We couldn't have asked for better weather on the Saturday Granville day.   These hats were representative of the amazing artists of the area. Ciao!

Hallejuah for the Hawaiian Shirt Hoarder

The estate sale was on again this weekend where surfing Garfield and 25 more Hawaiian print shirts joined my fabric collection (total $20). I will process the shirts as before with first laundering, cutting out the shirt sections from the seams, salvaging the buttons into the great thrift shop beyond, saving the labels for another project, and cutting the fabric into strips and squares.  Links to my Hawaiian shirt quilt series UpcSycling-and-hawaiian-shirt-hoarder The-first-of-hawaiian-shirt-quilt-series Summer-jumble-patchwork-quilt The-mom-quilt-and-fresh-blackberry-pie Hospice thrift shopping resulted in the book, NWT (new with tag) t-shirt, thread, pin cushion, colored pencils and other miscellany for $14.50. I had retail sticker shock the other day when I bought a spool of purple thread $2.29 retail, that and a bag of quilting batting for $9 on sale.  So when I do find sewing items in the thrift shop, I go ahead and buy them.  Kind of like stocks on the stoc

The Mom Quilt and fresh blackberry pie

Continuing with the Hawaiian shirt quilt 4th in the series, the next project is The Mom Quilt.   Finished quilt top I appliqued flowers from remnants of Hawaiian shirt material. She is partial to black accented fabric. The squares I chose are in the bottom right corner.   I have processed the front panels of the shirts and still have all of the back panel material (shown upper left).  I used a decorative stitch but it kept skewing like it was on psychedelics.  Once I was committed to the stitch though there was no turning back.  I wasn't going to rip out heaving stitching from a quilt sandwich.   Luckily, a trip to see the mom resulted in her being able to pick one of the fabrics for the sashing and borders.   One piece of material from a $3 thrift shop package of scraps fit right into the quilt scheme.  Links to my quilt project series: UpcSycling-and-hawaiian-shirt-hoarder The-first-of-hawaiian-shirt-quilt-series Summer-jumbl