Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hallejuah for the Hawaiian Shirt Hoarder

The estate sale was on again this weekend where surfing Garfield and 25 more Hawaiian print shirts joined my fabric collection (total $20).

I will process the shirts as before with first laundering, cutting out the shirt sections from the seams, salvaging the buttons into the great thrift shop beyond, saving the labels for another project, and cutting the fabric into strips and squares. 

Links to my Hawaiian shirt quilt series

Hospice thrift shopping resulted in the book, NWT (new with tag) t-shirt, thread, pin cushion, colored pencils and other miscellany for $14.50.

I had retail sticker shock the other day when I bought a spool of purple thread $2.29 retail, that and a bag of quilting batting for $9 on sale.  So when I do find sewing items in the thrift shop, I go ahead and buy them.  Kind of like stocks on the stock market - buy and hold. 

My new-to-me t-shirt will come in handy as I am heading for the Pacific Northwest and Canada.  

If I could, I would wear a dress from the 1962 Pattern of the Day.

I may not be Hawaiian or royalty or Hawaiian royalty but I know I will do my best to represent for Sacramentans in Vancouver!

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