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The Encounter, an abstract in fabric

Participating once again in the Art with Fabric Blog Hop hosted by Alida at . For these hops, she organizes fiber artists, mainly quilters, to interpret art with fabric.  Measures 60" x 50" When I first committed to this project, I had already picked my inspiration, The Encounter  by Afro Basaldella, an abstract oil on canvas from 1954. The first stage of creation was free flow, ignoring the rules of quilting by sewing the fabric on top of each other in a raw edge applique. The fabric skewed and my sewing left a lot to be desired.  Hot Mess I let the project sit for a month and when I returned to it, it wasn't as bad as I thought. I am sure I am not the only one that wonders during the creative process "will this work?" or "what the h**l was I thinking?" Don't laugh but when I did the first draft, I didn't see the image only the shapes and colors. What do you see in Afro's painting? The parti

I am an ADD Quilter

After suffering through a dearth of nothing in the thrifting realm, mystery quilter came through - here are my $5 fabric finds this week, some yardage, a precut batik kit originally marked $40 (lovely fabrics) and other blocks shown below.  Finding patchwork pieces is my absolute favorite thing because one of the best parts of quilting is when the flimsy is finished. Of course, there is the final finish of binding but that almost seems anticlimactic after a top is completed.  I have discovered that a person's personality is reflected in any creation they make, including quilts. I know my creative process is filled with fits and starts, distractions of my own making. I am an ADD quilter. I queue up projects and then the newest, next best thing comes my way *squirrel* and those other ideas, waiting patiently in the wings, are pushed again to the back. I chafe against detailed piecework and minutiae quilting. While I can appreciate the work involved, it is not my style.  So

In Like Flynn

For years I have wanted to exhibit one of my creations at the California State Fair. In the early 2000s, I honed my craft as a painter of oil or acrylic landscapes or abstracts on canvas. Came to find out the painterly world likes its participants to hold MFA ( Master of Fine Art ) degrees and the like. Not gonna happen for me.  As artists sometimes do with the medium they are working in, I moved from painting to quilting. As with painting, quilting is a deceptively complex craft.  Recently, I have been participating in the Art with Fabric blog hop hosted by   and while making this hop's entry, I thought, "Why not enter this in the fair?" I made the entry deadline by one day.  This is so exciting for me, it was that easy to exhibit in the fair? I have struggled for years entering in the fine art category and being rejected. I haven't entered the fair competitions in over 5 years.  This category is Fiber Crafts, Division 165